Top 5 Most Touching Music Videos of 2011

Top 5 Most Touching Music Videos of 2011

As the year 2011 comes to an end, we would like to reflect on all the great music videos that were released this year. There were a handful of music videos that really stood out to us this year. The videos we selected all tackled important topics that our society currently deals with.

Take a moment and view RatedRnB’s “Top 5 Most Touching Music Videos of 2011.”

5. Rihanna – “Man Down”

In this controversial video, Rihanna finds herself seeking revenge on her rapist by shooting him. Although we don’t condone to violence here at RatedRnB, we felt that this video was a wake-up call to society. Rape is a very touchy subject. We respect the fact that Rihanna took a stand against rape.

4. Monica – Until It’s Gone

“Until It’s Gone” is a very touching video. In the video, an upset girlfriend argues with her boyfriend in the car, about him cheating on her. Unfortunately, they both are distracted by the traffic and end up getting into a car crash. Monica reminds us that we don’t know what we have until it’s gone.

3. Musiq Soulchild – “Yes”

Musiq’s emotionally-packed video tells a story about a woman who battles and survives breast cancer. Her lover (played by Musiq) stands by her side during this difficult time in her life. The video is a reminder of what true love really is. Many women who are fighting against breast cancer could relate to this video. Props to Musiq for spreading awareness about breast cancer.

2. Marsha Ambrosius – “Late Nights & Early Mornings”

Marsha reminds us about the importance of getting tested and knowing your status. You never know who’s positive or negative unless you get tested. The theme of the “Late Nights & Early Mornings” video was very powerful. As you should know, HIV & STDs are not a joke. The number of people infected continues to increase, so please be responsible and protect yourself at all times.

1. Marsha Ambrosisus “Far Away”

Marsha Ambrosius wins the number one spot for the most powerful R&B music video of the year. Marsha takes the initiative to stand up for hate crime/discrimination that some people in the LGBT community face, particularly those who are African-American. This is Marsha’s best music video to date. We hope that she continues to educate and inspire her fans. Go Marsha!


What are your thoughts on the videos that we selected? Do you agree? Can you think of other touching/powerful videos that we didn’t list? Leave a comment below!