Album Review: Brandy - 'Two Eleven'

Album Review: Brandy – ‘Two Eleven’

After a four-year hiatus, Brandy has finally delivered her sixth studio album, Two Eleven, on October 16. The album’s production credits include contributions from Breyon Prescott, Bangladesh, Hit Boy, The Bizness, Jim Beans, Rico Love, Mario Winans, Kevin McCall and Warren Campbell. Additionally, the album includes tracks penned by Rico Love, Sean Garrett, Frank Ocean, Chris Brown, and Mario Winans.

The standard version of the album has 14 tracks, including an intro and outro. After the intro, the first song is”Wildest Dreams,” which emote the thought of “never in a million years would I believe this could happen to me” idea of how great things come to those who keep moving forward.

The track “So Sick” is about when you are invested in someone who you become love-sick. “Slower,” which was written by Chris Brown, is a very sensual track that explains how slow and steady will always win the race. Furthermore,”No Such Thing As Too Late” explains how patience is essential to experience true love.

“Let Me Go” is all about how you have become spoiled by love and don’t want to be apart from someone you love because they know you get in certain moods. “Without You” exclaims how you can’t even simply function without the one you care for there in your presence.

“Put It Down,” the album’s lead single featuring Chris Brown, is a playful, yet sensual track that describes the qualities of man who are appreciated. “Hardly Breathing” is about being hurt and heartbreak in the past. “Do You Know What You Have” touches on the topic of someone not knowing when they have someone or something that is one in a million.

“Scared of Beautiful,” written by Frank Ocean, explains the struggle of self-acceptance with either being good or bad throughout life in various aspects. “Wish Your Love Away,” written by Mario Winans, brings back the feeling of a 90’s ballad with brief instrumental parts originally featured in “The Boy Is Mine.” The track is all about letting an ex-lover know it is over. “Paint This House” is about breaking in a new home with some good old baby-making fun.

Overall, Two Eleven is a solid effort from Brandy. She single-handedly made it known that she is back and ready to take over good music. With the perfect collection of tracks, Two Eleven

Brandy has single-handedly made it crystal clear that she is back within her core of making good music which is rhythm and blues. Two Eleven is certainly worth the money, as it has a collection of songs that may make you dance, reflect, or even cry. It’s clear that Brandy really put her all into this album.

Standout tracks: Slower, Scared of Beautiful, and Wish Your Love Away

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