NEW SONG: Algebra Blessett - 'Nobody But You'

NEW SONG: Algebra Blessett – ‘Nobody But You’

algebra nobody but you NEW SONG: Algebra Blessett   Nobody But You

Algebra Blessett is back! The R&B/soul singer returns with “Nobody But You,” the first single from her upcoming album “Recovery.” Produced by Shannon Sanders, “Nobody But You,” is a nice love ballad about not wanting to be with anyone but the person you love.

“Don’t want nobody touching me baby (but you)/ Don’t want nobody kissing me baby (but you)/ Don’t want nobody loving me (but you),” Blessett sings on the chorus.

Listen to “Nobody But You” by Algebra Blessett below:

“Nobody But You” is certainly a solid offering from Blessett. If promoted correctly, the song has the potential of dominating the Urban Adult Contemporary radio charts.

We’re glad Blessett is back and can’t wait until she releases her sophomore album!

(Source: Essence)

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