Ciara Announces 'Read My Lips' As Third Single

Ciara Announces ‘Read My Lips’ As Third Single


Last month, Ciara revealed “Where You Go” featuring boyfriend Future would serve as third US single from her self-titled album. However, she must have gotten the memo that none of the C-squad was here for it.  Announced on her Twitter last night, “Read My Lips” will be the follow-up single to the Nicki Minaj assisted track “I’m Out.”

In July as the R&B/pop singer celebrated the release of her fifth studio album, she premiered video snippets of two tracks. The song “Read My Lips” was one of the two clips. At least she has the visuals ready for the new single. Now she needs to get into overdrive and promote, promote, promote.

Her self-titled album has sold 103,675 since its release.

Listen to “Read My Lips” and tell us did she make the right move!

(Source: Ultimate-Ciara )