FEEL THE SOUL: 10 R&B/Soul Songs That Makes Things A Bit Better

FEEL THE SOUL: 10 R&B/Soul Songs That Makes Things A Bit Better


As we go through life day-to-day, the world around us can make us think and feel negative about ourselves. Luckily, the power of music is incredible. Whether the genre is pop, jazz, gospel, rock or in our case R&B, music has the ability to make you feel every POSITIVE human emotion possible.

To point out a few, R&B music can make you feel appreciated as well as give you confidence. Also, it has the power to spread happiness and love. Out of all those positive emotions, there is one goal that’s accomplished every time.  It makes us feel good. Even for a moment, a minute, an hour or a day, you feel good about yourself and that’s what life should be about.

Here are 10 R&B/soul records that should make you feel special about yourself throughout life.

1. Estelle – “Wonderful Life”

Emotion (s): Optimistic, joy and happiness

2. R. Kelly – “Happy People”

Emotion (s): Happiness, joy and love

3.  Jill Scott – “Golden”

Emotion (s): Happiness, joy and confidence

4. Mark Morrison – “Return of the Mack”

Emotion (s): Enthusiasm, happiness and joy

5. Mary J. Blige – “Keep Your Head”

Emotion (s): Optimistic, courage and trust.

5. Fantasia – “Lose to Win”

Emotion (s): Love, strength and courage

6. Destiny’s Child – “Free”

Emotion (s): Vulnerable, trust and confidence

7. Sound of Blackness – “Optimistic”

Emotion (s): Encouragement, confidence and strength

8.  Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey – “When You Believe”

Emotion (s): Hopeful, strength and joy

9.  Chrisette Michele – “Be Ok”

Emotion (s): Encouragement, strength and hope

10. Ne-Yo ft. Jamie Foxx, Fabolous – “She Got Her Own”

Emotion (s): Confidence, independent and appreciated.