FEEL THE SOUL: 10 R&B/Soul Songs That Makes Things A Bit Better


As we go through life day-to-day, the world around us can make us think and feel negative about ourselves. Luckily, the power of music is incredible. Whether the genre is pop, jazz, gospel, rock or in our case R&B, music has the ability to make you feel every POSITIVE human emotion possible.

To point out a few, R&B music can make you feel appreciated as well as give you confidence. Also, it has the power to spread happiness and love. Out of all those positive emotions, there is one goal that’s accomplished every time.  It makes us feel good. Even for a moment, a minute, an hour or a day, you feel good about yourself and that’s what life should be about.

Here are 10 R&B/soul records that should make you feel special about yourself throughout life.

1. Estelle – “Wonderful Life”

Emotion (s): Optimistic, joy and happiness

2. R. Kelly – “Happy People”

Emotion (s): Happiness, joy and love

3.  Jill Scott – “Golden”

Emotion (s): Happiness, joy and confidence

4. Mark Morrison – “Return of the Mack”

Emotion (s): Enthusiasm, happiness and joy

5. Mary J. Blige – “Keep Your Head”

Emotion (s): Optimistic, courage and trust.

5. Fantasia – “Lose to Win”

Emotion (s): Love, strength and courage

6. Destiny’s Child – “Free”

Emotion (s): Vulnerable, trust and confidence

7. Sound of Blackness – “Optimistic”

Emotion (s): Encouragement, confidence and strength

8.  Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey – “When You Believe”

Emotion (s): Hopeful, strength and joy

9.  Chrisette Michele – “Be Ok”

Emotion (s): Encouragement, strength and hope

10. Ne-Yo ft. Jamie Foxx, Fabolous – “She Got Her Own”

Emotion (s): Confidence, independent and appreciated.

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Jamie Foxx Joins Forces with Privé Revaux for Affordable Eyewear Line

Jamie Foxx has teamed up with Privé Revaux to launch his own affordable eyewear line.

The Unpredictable singer-actor shared the eye-catching news on his Instagram (March 9). “Excited to announce the launch of my line @priverevaux sunglasses now available at #nordstrom,” he wrote on Instagram.

Available at Nordstrom, the inexpensive yet fashionable sunglasses come in seven stylish frames, with some color lenses, including The Ace, The Chairman and The Entrepreneur, to name a few.

Foxx joins celebrities Ashley Benson and Hailee Steinfeld as ambassadors for the eyewear brand.

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4 Reasons We Love Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston Birthday

There will never be another singer like Whitney Houston; she’s incomparable, she’s an icon, and she is the standard. On the sixth anniversary of her unfortunate passing, here at Rated R&B we’ve created a shortlist of reasons why we love the vocal legend herself. Check it out below:

Her Powerful Voice

How do you describe the indescribable? Whitney’s voice is the purest to have ever graced human ear. On top of her outstanding natural ability, her technique, precision, and control make her “The Voice.” Just like rapper Biggie Smalls has never had a bad verse, Whitney has never hit a bad note. There is a multitude of examples, but at Super Bowl XXV in 1991, she gave what is regarded as the best rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” to have ever been done. It is here, without all of the vocal thrills and frills, that you can truly grasp how marvelous her voice was.

The Way Other Artists Loved and Respected Her

If you ask any female singer that came out in the last 25 years who some of their inspirations are, you can bet Whitney’s name will come out of their mouth. For most singers, especially black women, Whitney was a role model. She was a black girl from New Jersey whose passion was sharing her musical gift to the world and having fun while doing so. In the first clip below, Monica explains Whitney’s personal impact on her life (this part of the interview begins around 1:42.) Even after her death, Whitney continues to inspire and empower the women that have come after her in the music industry. In the second clip below, you can find one of the greatest tributes ever performed, courtesy of gospel powerhouse Yolanda Adams, who ends the video with a resounding “We love you, Nip.”

Her Stage Presence

Whitney’s personality was both charming and endearing, as we’ve all seen in her interviews, famous and infamous alike. That natural charm carries over into her live performances, as she literally comes alive in song. In interviews, she was always well-spoken, clear, and concise. When it comes time to sing, she let her hair down and had a great time with her audience — no matter the occasion. In the clip below, Whitney performs a 16-minute set of her greatest hits at the “Arista Records 25th Anniversary Celebration,” full of life, laughter, and love.

Her Artistic Versatility

Whitney is one of the best-selling female artists of all time, and one of the biggest icons the world will ever see. What often gets left out of her lengthy list of accomplishments is her artistic risks and versatility. Speaking on her discography alone, she has recorded music that spans all of its genres. Whether she delivers a pop cut like “I Wanna Dance With Somebody,” the Raphael Saddiq and Q-Tip-produced jam “Fine,” a universal duet with Enrique Iglesias (“Could I Have This Kiss Forever”), or a powerhouse ballad like “The Greatest Love of All,” Whitney was the jack of all trades. Not only did she master it, she believed in her ability, and she succeeded beyond measure.That’s just the tip of the iceberg, as her artistry made its way into film beginning with 1992’s box office smash hit The Bodyguard.

Below is one of her scenes from the cult classic Waiting to Exhale. Pay attention to her body language, the way she emotes in her voiceover, all the way down to the flickers of disapproval in her eyes. Whitney was, and will always be a class act.

What is your favorite Whitney moment? Share with us in the comment section below!

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Listen to Ne-Yo’s New Single ‘Good Man’

After dropping “Another Love Song” last spring, Ne-Yo returns with his new single titled “Good Man.” On the DJ Camper production, which samples D’Angelo’s classic track “Untitled (How Does It Feel),” Ne-Yo tells his love interest all he wants to be is a ‘good man.’

“And baby I ain’t nowhere perfect / But I promise to promise to make it all worth it / Giving you the things to be the man you deserved it / Make you show you’re smiling, way more than your hurting,” he sings.

“Good Man ” is the lead single and titled track to Ne-Yo’s seventh studio album.

“This album focuses on the journey of what it is to be a good man: a good man to your spouse, a good brother to your brother, a good person to the world,” Ne-Yos said. “I am not proclaiming to be perfect. A good man makes mistakes, learns from those mistakes, therefore to not then repeat those mistakes. Being a good man is a journey.”

Good Man will follow Ne-Yo’s 2015 album, Non-Fiction, which spawned hits like “She Knows” featuring Juicy J and “Time of Our Lives” featuring Pitbull.

Stream “Good Man” below.

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