NEW SONG: Sebastian Mikael - 'Forever'

NEW SONG: Sebastian Mikael – ‘Forever’


Swedish-Ethiopian rising R&B artist Sebastian Mikeal hopes to pave his way in R&B with his new single titled “Forever.” The single is off his upcoming debut album ‘“Speechless,’”due to hit shelves and online in April, and will be featured on an upcoming episode of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop airing January 13.

With his foot in the door granted by Slip-N-Slide Records in 2011, singer-songwriter Mikael Sebastian is just getting his feet wet and is on his way to mainstream U.S. success. Already reaching the grounds of international stature, thanks to his multi-cultural background, Mikeal is hoping to make a stamp in the states.

“They are not as open-minded about music in Sweden as they are in the U.S.,” commented the 24-year-old singer. Formerly known as De-Lor (“for gold” in French), maybe this is why his recent music seems to have taken a refined approach.

Mikael’s new Lamb & Bigg D-produced record is a grown-and-sexy tune of a pleading man swearing that he has changed to redeem his love. This sophisticated track can easily be used as a remedy to a broken relationship. The classical sound that the record possesses can be compared to the sweet sounds of the ‘D’Angelo’ era in R&B of the early 2000s. With its rich sound and authentic vocals, this hit nails the essence of true R&B.