R&B Group Total Talks Reunion, Working With Diddy And The State of R&B Music

R&B Group Total Talks Reunion, Working With Diddy And The State Of R&B Music


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After a 14-year hiatus, 90’s R&B group Total reunites. The group recently sat down to promote their reunion in the UK and spoke on topics surrounding R&B music.

Pam and Kima, sans Keisha, dished the dirt on what it was like to work with Diddy (the artist formerly known as Puffy), the state of R&B music today and their return to music.

On being signed to Bad Boy Records:

Pam: “Bad Boy was a family. It was consistent. We had our ups and downs when we didn’t agree with Puffy.  But for the most part it was a ball.”

On the state of R&B music today: 

Kima: “I think music now lacks originality.  When we recorded we put everything into it. We weren’t rushing to put anything out. I just think the work ethic is a little different. I think people are just rushing to throw stuff out there and not really putting that artistry behind their project like a lot of the 90’s artists did. We wanted longevity and our music is still rocking.”

On returning to music:

Kima: “The one thing social media made me realize was how much people really love Total. After all these years to still know we have a fan base. I think it’s good to get out there and mingle with your fans and just market yourself.”

Total first stepped on the scene with their debut album “Total” in 1996, which peaked at no. 4 on the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. They are most famously known for their singles “Can’t You See” featuring The Notorious B.I.G., “What About Us” and “Kissin’ You.” The Bad Boy trio also provided hooks for The Notorious B.I.G.’s 90’s Hip-Hop anthem “Juicy” and LL Cool J’s “Loungin.'”

The ladies are back in the studio and we can expect to hear new music from them soon.

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