INTERVIEW: SoMo Talks ‘My Life II’ Mixtape, Working With Trey Songz And Sophomore Album

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He started on YouTube and now he’s here. Over the last few years, R&B/pop singer SoMo has transformed his brand from a guy who covered popular songs to a certified platinum selling artist. In 2012, the Texas native made his formal introduction as an artist with his debut mixtape, My Life, which spawned his fan-favorite single “Ride.” With the help of his supportive fans, SoMo sold over 100,000 copies of “Ride” independently without radio support — impressive!

By 2014, SoMo offered the world his debut self-titled album via Republic Records, which received rave reviews. He most recently released his mixtape, My Life II, the follow-up to his first mixtape. The mixtape includes an appearance from Trey Songz on the bedroom banger “Hide & Freak.”


In an interview with Rated R&B, SoMo dishes on his musical beginnings, working with Trey Songz, his My Life II mixtape, his Falling Up Tour and plans for his sophomore album.

RATED R&B: How did you get started with music?

SOMO: It’s a long story [laughs]. My dad was a musician and it’s always been in my blood. I didn’t really plan on pursuing it as a career, it was just kind of a hobby that just took off and now I’m here talking to you.

RATED R&B: How would you describe your sound?

SOMO: It’s very R&B/pop-driven with a lot of harmonies and catchy melodies with that pop flavor.

RATED R&B: Tell us about your new song “Hide & Freak.” How did you link up with Trey Songz?

SOMO: It was one of the first songs that I wrote going back in the studio after I did my debut album. I was really happy with the song and how it came out. I met Trey [Songz] doing a show together in Arizona. I sent him the song. He liked it a lot and he cut his verse and that was it.

RATED R&B: How does My Life II compare to My Life I?

SOMO: I think it’s just an evolution of the original SoMo sound and where I come from. It really is just a combination of stories that kind of tell my life story [laughs].

RATED R&B: How has life changed since your first mixtape?

SOMO: It’s definitely changed a lot. I was living on Lunchables at the time and sleeping on the couch. Now I’m touring around the country and seeing the world. It’s a great feeling. It’s nice to feel like I have my feet underneath me and I can eat better foods than Lunchables [laughs].

RATED R&B: What’s your experience been like on your Falling Up Tour?

SOMO: It’s definitely a grind. This is my sixth headlining tour, so I feel like I’m definitely getting the hang on how to manage my time to where I feel like I can have a normal life. The show days are pretty hectic.

RATED R&B: Where are you with your sophomore album?

SOMO: I actually just started recording on the bus again last night. I’ve been working on it for a year so I’m super excited with how it’s coming along.

RATED R&B: Tell us about the direction you’re going with the album.

SOMO: Honestly, I don’t know if I’m done writing it so I’m not sure where it’s going, but I do have a vision and I do feel it coming along very nicely. I would really just expect SoMo to keep evolving and the story to keep unfolding and for there to still be catchy songs along the way. It’s so important that this project be everything it can be so I’m really focused right now.

RATED R&B: What’s your vision for the album?

SOMO: Just maintaining me and being faithful to who I am as an artist. I think a lot of artists get swayed by this industry — not just negatively but positively. I don’t want stuff to influence me in a negative way so I’m just trying to really maintain who I have been and maintaining the vision. You just have to listen to the music to understand the vision.

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