Recap: Bryson Tiller Brings ‘Trapsoul Tour’ to the DMV

Bryson Tiller Trapsoul Tour
Photo Credit: Rated R&B

Bryson Tiller was the man of the evening on Sunday at The Fillmore in Silver Spring. The Louisville, KY native made a stop in the DMV as part of his Trapsoul Tour.

The sold-out show kicked off approximately at 8 p.m. with opening act THEY. The alternative R&B duo performed a few songs including material from their debut EP, Nu Religion. Their short but sweet set was full of energy, which got the crowd even more hyped as they anticipated Tiller’s performance. Following THEY’s set, Tiller’s DJ came out to keep the energy going. He played a few club bangers, which was the perfect transition to Tiller’s set.

At around 9 p.m., it was time for Tiller to come out. His set kicked off with “Intro (Difference)” and let into “Let ‘Em Know.” Let’s just say, the second the lights dimmed and “Intro” began to play, the entire crowd was screaming and cheering from the top of their longs. Seriously, it felt like the venue was shaking a little from all of the excitement from the fans.

Bryson Tiller Trapsoul Tour
Photo Credit: Rated R&B

After pleasing the crowd with a few songs, Tiller took a moment to share his story with his fans — even though most of them were already hip. He talked about how his Soundcloud page, which now has nearly 500,000 followers, wasn’t popping at first. In fact, he reminisced about the times when he would only get about 300 streams. However, after putting out “Don’t,” he began to see some success. Producer Timbaland caught wind of his music and flew him to Miami. It wasn’t an easy decision, though. Tiller had to quit his job to pursue his career. He also talked about the time Drake started following him on Twitter and his reaction to “Don’t.”

Tiller’s mini speech led up to “Ten Nine Fourteen.” Again, the crowd went wild as soon as the beat dropped. He went onto perform other songs from Trapsoul including fan-favorite “Exchange,” “Sorry Not Sorry,” “Rambo,” “502 Come Up,” “The Sequence,” “Overtime,” “Just Another (Interlude)” and “Been That Way.”

One of the highlights from his show was when he performed his smash single “Don’t.” His fans took charge of the song as they sung along, making it hard to hear him actually sing. Tiller ended his set with “Right My Wrongs.”

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Concert Review: Keyshia Cole Pulls a Lauryn Hill at The Fillmore Charlotte

As people waited in long lines to flood their favorite retailers for Black Friday sales, I traveled from Columbia, SC to Charlotte, NC to see Keyshia Cole at The Fillmore Charlotte.

I arrived to the AvidXchange Music Factory venue at 6:27 p.m. Unlike lines at retailers Friday, where the wait is unavoidable and uncomfortable, I was perfectly at ease being the 20th concert-goer in line.

Ten minutes later, more attendees followed behind to patiently wait for doors to open at 7 p.m.

Undressed and shivering in 37 degree weather, I struck up conversation about ticket cost with Keyshia Cole admirers. “We won our tickets off Streetz 103.3,” one couple said.

Another fan said, “I bought mine off Groupon for $39. I love you Keyshia but I wasn’t spending more than $50.” I agreed since I got my ticket at the same deal.

Doors opened three minutes after 7 p.m. After getting patted down and having my ticket scanned by The Fillmore door staff, I bypassed other fans and jetted to the front of the stage to wait for the show.

Some fans claimed their spot at the head of the stage barricade too. Other fans found empty floor space to stand comfortably before those at the bar filled in the gaps.

At 7:17 p.m., MMG’s DJ MC got settled with his laptop and other stereo equipment on the smoky stage. He came fully equipped to have the crowd lit with his mega mix and fly DJing skills.

As fog occupied the stage, nostalgia filled rest of the room. DJ MC had fans right where he wanted them – in a carefree zone. Music lovers used their outside voice to recite explicit lyrics and sing classic R&B and hip-hop songs including “I Get Money” by 50 Cent, UCB’s “Sexy Lady” and “Nice and Slow” by Usher.

The VIP clique didn’t let their lack of essential amenities (i.e. chairs or tables) get in the away of their party. The wall worked perfectly for grinding.

DJ MC had help getting the crowd excited from 92.7 The Block hosts Chewy Torres and Sunshine Anderson – yes, “Heard it All Before” Sunshine Anderson, too.

By 9:02 p.m., fans were chanting, “We want Keyshia.”

Ten minutes later, DJ MC was breaking down his equipment to make room for GO DJ HI C, Keyshia’s official DJ.

I don’t know if the crowd was aggravated and ready for Keyshia but the energy shifted downward when he got on stage.

It felt like we changed the radio dial to a new station but got the same syndicated countdown – just with a harder thumb. GO DJ HI C’s blaring speaker bass creeped into my torso as if I had just painfully swallowed it.

A few recycled songs in, GO DJ HI C announced at 9:24 p.m., “I just got a text. My boss is about to hit the stage.”

Eager to record Keyshia’s opening note, I pulled out my iPhone to capture every minute. With 69 percent battery life, I tapped on the Facebook icon to start a live stream.

With no background singers in sight or any Fillmore staff prepping the stage for Keyshia’s arrival, it was evident GO DJ HI C’s receipt had no validity.

“This is ridiculous,” mumbled a female patron behind me. “I hope she shows up because she bailed before.”

As the DJ played more music and strolled through his cellphone, another female fan offered commentary. “If I wanted to listen to music for two hours I would have went to a club.”

It was 9:40 p.m. and the crowd began to get restless. Four-letter words started to be heard in the now tight quarters — most were directed to GO DJ HI C.

He attempted to ease the last nerve of fans. “Ya’ll chill,” he roared in the mic. “I wouldn’t be here if she wasn’t coming out. She’s not coming out until she can hear you guys in her dressing room.”

GO DJ HI C also tried to hype the crowd for Keyshia’s entrance. “I need the left side to say ‘Keyshia’ and the right to say ‘Cole,’” as he pointed to each side of the room.

Some were interested in crowd participation but others weren’t. I was apart of the latter group.

The DJ returned to the mic at 9:43 p.m., and began an introduction for a Grammy nominated artist.

Cell phones brighten the dark venue momentarily but quickly dimmed when attendees realized it wasn’t the headliner gracing the stage — it was Sunshine Anderson.

Used to distract fans from Keyshia’s CP time, the singer-turned radio personality tipped on stage in open-toe heels, donning a simple black top with un-curve friendly black tights.

With support of a backtrack, the North Carolina native noticeably lipped the lyrics to “Lunch or Dinner” from her 2001 debut, Your Woman.

Sunshine bought Keyshia more time to hit the stage as she started to actually sing her signature song “Heard It All Before.” It was obvious she didn’t warm up her voice. Her vocal execution reflected especially towards the collapsed bridge.

Despite Sunshine not possessing vocal conviction, she had the heart to fight through it.

The unimpressed concert-goers softly clapped to see Sunshine off the stage.

Two minutes before 10 p.m. a gentleman rocking a pink backpack sashayed on stage. Before exiting, he left two styrofoam cups on a stage podium.

“When you see him, that means Keyshia’s on her way,” shouted GO DJ HI C across the room.

Exactly seven minutes after 10 p.m., GO DJ HI C took the mic again and finally grabbed the audience’s attention. “Ladies and gentlemen, Keyshia Cole.”

With help from her security, the woman of the last two hours, walked up the side steps of the stage.

Dressed in a suede trench coat with matching heeled boots and ripped jeans, the Just Like You songstress kicked off the delayed show singing “I Should Have Cheated” off her first album, The Way It Is.

Keyshia quickly asked the audio engineer to adjust her inner ear before capping the song with an extended high note.

Joined by her three male dancers, the Oakland-bred singer moved swiftly through her medley of hits including “Enough of No Love,” “Shoulda Let You Go,” “I Changed My Mind” and “You.”

After wrapping up her remix to Chris Brown’s “Loyal,” Keyshia took off her winter coat to show off her shimmering silk shirt. Without officially apologizing for her tardiness, she mentioned being thankful for her fans as a means for damage control.

It didn’t seem to work, and she knew it. “Okay. Let’s go into the next song then,” she told GO DJ HI C.

She belted her biggest hits “I Remember,” and “Love” before she engaged in personal conversation with the crowd.

From requesting the crowds opinion on if she should back to Love and Hip-Hop: Hollywood to explaining why she opted to skip Thanksgiving dinner with her newly found dad, Virgil Hunter, Keyshia sincerely asked for fans to send her a prayer up the main line.

Thirty minutes into her set, Keyshia wanted fans to tell her what to perform next. Most songs fans mentioned like “Vault” and “Emotional” from her 11: 11 Reset album were off limits.

“This isn’t the tour guys,” she replied with a smile. “The tour doesn’t start until next year. But I cannot wait to perform those songs though.”

While she didn’t perform demanded cuts from her new album, she gave us “Incapable” along with a similar dance routine from the single’s accompanying visual.

Following three more songs, Keyshia ended the 45-minute set with her Grammy nominated record, “Let It Go.”

Before leaving the stage, she directed fans to meet her at Stats Restaurant and Bar for the official after-party.

Honestly, I feel like I wasted a trip to Charlotte. I didn’t leave with a wow experience. I expected her to sing more material from her silently released album. Yet, my wish didn’t come to fruition.

Keyshia treated her Fillmore performance like an afterthought. It appeared to me that she got a calendar reminder while she caught Black Friday sales on Fashion Nova’s website. After realizing her spot date, she called her style team and caught a red-eye flight to Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

Keyshia’s lateness was inexcusable and warranted a more sincere apology. Instead she rushed through her sloppy set list to get to the after-party.

Her running behind schedule wouldn’t have been terribly bad if she had a legit special guest. And I’m sorry, Sunshine Anderson doesn’t count.

Collectively, the two hours of DJing, the talent show performance from Sunshine Anderson and Keyshia Cole’s tardiness calls for a total refund. But I’m sure Live Nation is incapable of issuing it to us.

Bryson Tiller Shares Video for ‘Self-Made’

Bryson Tiller has released a video for “Self-Made.”

Directed by Colin Tilley, the black and white visual finds Tiller in a neighborhood surfing on expensive cars and jet skiing in the middle of a street.

“Self-Made” is lifted from Tiller’s sophomore album, True to Self, which is out now. Tiller is currently on the European leg of his headlining Set It Off Tour with special guest SZA.

Watch Bryson Tiller’s “Self-Made” video below.

Jazmine Sullivan and Bryson Tiller’s ‘Insecure’ Video is Everything and Then Some!

Jazmine Sullivan Bryson Tiller Insecure Video

Jazmine Sullivan Bryson Tiller Insecure Video

Jazmine Sullivan and Bryson Tiller’s song “Insecure” has come to life in its newly released music video!

The video first finds Jazmine singing her verse whilst sitting on the couch of her home before it cuts to her at a house party in “The Dunes,” which is where Issa and Lawrence live in the show Insecure. In this house party, we get cameos from some of the show’s main characters: Issa is FaceTiming Jazmine and get interrupted by Jazmine’s boyfriend blowing up her phone. Kelli (Natasha Rothwell) is in attendance at the party, being as funny as ever — even without sound. Tiffany (Amanda Seales) is also there in all of her bougie glory and last, but not least we even get a cameo from Dro (Sarunas Jackson), who appears in a different scene.

“Insecure” is the title track for the show by the same name, serving as the lead single. The song is beginning a run at radio success, as it just debuted on both the Urban AC and urban radio charts at No. 30 and No. 37, respectfully.

Check out the video for “Insecure” below.

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