Interview: Keep Guordan Banks in Mind

Emerging singer talks success and debut album ‘Unpopular’


John Legend, Keyshia Cole, K. Michelle and Lalah Hathaway all have something in common — they’ve had songs penned by Guordan Banks. The Philadelphia native has got a lot of buzz lately with his chart-topping single “Keep You in Mind,” which reached number one on urban adult contemporary radio.

“I’m honored and thankful that I was able to reach that milestone,” Guordan tells Rated R&B, “It’s definitely an uplifting experience for me. I feel good that I am able to share my gift and that it’s being well-received.”


“Keep You in Mind” has been so well-received that R&B all-stars Chris Brown and Bryson Tiller have hopped on an official remix. The song comes ahead of Guordan’s debut album, Unpopular, which is scheduled to arrive soon.

In the meantime, Banks is set to join Fantasia on her The Definition Of Tour, which begins on November 19 at the Macon City Auditorium in Macon City, Ga.

Check out our interview with emerging singer below.

Being that you were born and raised in Philly. Did the city have any influence on your music?

Of course. Philly has given me so much of my soul. The culture and music in Philly definitely rubs off on me for sure.

“Keep You in Mind” was actually released back in 2014 on your mixtape, A Song For Everyone. What made you continue to push the song for as long as you did?

For me, it’s always listening to the people and listening to how they feel about the music. A lot of times we tend to have faith that we have all the answers when the answers are right in front of our face. It’s a song that a lot of people gravitated to.

‪Chris Brown‪ and Bryson Tiller jumped on the remix of “Keep You In Mind.” How did this collaboration come together?

It was actually super organic how it all came about. I was in the studio with Chris about a year ago and played him “Keep You In Mind” and he loved it. I told him that it was going to be my single. Fast forward present day him and Bryson jumped on the record and now we’re here! It’s all been an amazing journey.

You teamed up with rapper Dej Loaf for your song “#WYWDT (Where You Wanna Do This?)” How did you two link up?

We did like five songs together before we got to that one. That song is just one of those songs where it feels good. It’s a dance record. Me and Dej have been friends for a little minute. I first met her on Instagram — this is before she had the big hit “Try Me.” I was like, “wow she’s dope.” I started listening to her music. We just became friends and now we got this hit together that’s about to be popping in the streets. I’m excited about that as well.

What’s the story behind your debut album Unpopular?

It’s pretty much how, for me, I stuck to who I was. I never tried to conform or fit in or be anyone else. I just stayed true to myself and my sound. A lot of the same people who love my music now kind of didn’t understand it then. But it’s OK because that’s how things happen. I just want to send a signal that stay true to yourself, believe in who you are, make the mirror your best friend…that’s how you really get to identify with true love within yourself. One day people will see it and you will inspire someone else to be themselves. I think that’s a short story of why I named it Unpopular.

Is there any song on the album that you think will shock fans?

I think the [album] will be a breathtaking experience. I would love to give the people something special. Hopefully, they’re not shocked and expect greatness.

Is there a release date for Unpopular?

No date yet but trust it will be well worth the wait!

‪You’re joining Fantasia on tour. How have you been preparing for that? What can people expect from you?

I been on the road all year on promo so now I’m taking the time to prep my voice while finishing up the album. This tour is going to be amazing and I want to make sure fans get everything they’re coming for and more! So we’re pulling out all the stops and bringing it back to real R&B!

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