Interview: After 7 Talks Reuniting, ‘Timeless’ Album and Biopic


Over 25 years ago, After 7 — Kevin Edmonds, Melvin Edmonds and Keith Mitchell — stormed into the music scene, delivering hits like “Ready or Not” and “Can’t Stop.” Riding off the success of their platinum-selling debut album, the group went onto dropping two more albums: Takin My Time (1992) and Reflections (1995).

They suddenly took a break, which ended up lasting 20 years. Now the group is back like they never left. Their fourth album, Timeless, is out now and includes their smash single “I Want You.” Penned by Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds himself, the song peaked at no. 6 on Billboard’s Adult R&B Songs chart.


Rated R&B caught up with the group in Washington, D.C. to talk about their reunion, creating their Timeless album, their interest in a biopic and more.

Watch After 7’s interview below.

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