Watch Kehlani Go ‘CRZY’ on ‘Wonderland’

Photo credit: MTV

Kehlani was a musical guest on MTV’s new live show, Wonderland. The R&B freshman performed her latest single “CRZY,” as well as her other tracks “Distraction” and “Gangsta.”

Watch Kehlani’s performance below.




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Kehlani Shares New Track ‘Already Won’

After gushing over her lover in “Honey,” Kehlani returns with a motivational song called “Already Won.” On the triumphant track, Kehlani gives herself a pat on the back for all the success she’s had over the past few years.

“I already won / I got the keys to my hood / Mama say she good / Doing what I should / I already won / I got the world on my back / City on the map / No time to kick back / I already / Stopped giving a damn about / When they tell me how I won’t make it out / I already won,” she sings.

“Already Won” is a good reminder to measure your success on your own terms and not let others determine it for you.

Stream “Already Won” below.

Xscape Performs ‘Who Can I Run To’ On ‘Steve’

R&B quartet Xscape make their rounds on day time television with a performance of “Who Can I Run To” on STEVE.

Donning beautiful outfits, the R&B veterans — specifically the Scott sisters — commanded the audience with their signature vocals and unmatched stage presence.

After their roaring performance, the ladies sat down with the comical host to discuss their reunion, upcoming biopic and The Great Xscape Tour, which kicks off on November 22. Xscape also received some surprising news that the city of Atlanta –their hometown– officially proclaimed Nov. 6 as Xscape day.

Xscape: Still Kickin’ It drew in 1.74 viewers on its Bravo TV debut last Sunday (Nov. 6). The reality show airs every Sunday at 9 p.m.

Kehlani Stuns in Calvin Harris’ ‘Faking It’ Video

Faking It Video Kehlani Lil Yachty Calvin Harris

Kehlani’s natural swagger and effortless beauty take full effect in the music video for Calvin Harris’ “Faking It.”

The video follows Kehlani, taking on the role of an ice queen, as she melts in a metaphorical pool of regret of missing her former flame after pretending she’s rock solid post-breakup.

“Hey, I’ve been wanting to call ya, tell you that I’m sorry/Same old fucking story everybody sing/And I say I’m okay, but I guess I’m a liar/You say you’re okay, but I saw that you liked it/2 AM and faded, I know that’s when you like it/Know that’s when you miss me, know that’s when you crying,” she sings.

“Faking It” is the current single from Harris’ latest album Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1, which debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 upon its June 30 release. The cool cut, which also features rapper Lil Yachty, is the fifth single from the album, being preceded by singles “Slide,” “Heatstroke,” “Rollin’,” and “Feels,” which all have all star features from Ariana Grande to Frank Ocean.

Watch the music video for “Faking It” below.