Chart Check: Ty Dolla $ign Sees Multi-Song Gains, SZA’s ‘Love Galore’ Rises on Urban Radio Chart

Welcome back to another edition of Chart Check! Each Friday, Rated R&B provides detailed insight to the weekly chart movements of your favorite R&B artists and R&B songs. In this updated format, we will discuss Billboard’s Adult R&B Songs (Urban AC) and Mainstream R&B/Hip-Hop National Airplay (Urban) charts extensively. Read below for more information on the week of August 5, 2017:

On the Move: Ty Dolla $ign, R.Lum.R, Jesse Campbell

Ty Dolla $ign is on top of the world this week after seeing chart gains in three different songs on the Mainstream R&B/Hip-Hop National Airplay chart. His new single “Love U Better,” which features Lil’ Wayne and The-Dream, received 21 adds this week, making it the second most added song at urban radio. 2 Chainz’s “It’s a Vibe” which features Ty Dolla $ign, went ticked up 18-17 on the chart this week, and although Meek Mill’s “Whatever You Need,” which also features Ty Dolla $ign,” stepped down 11-12, the rap track still saw a 89 spin increase at urban radio in the latest tracking week.

R.LUM.R’s “Frustrated” jumps 23-20 on the Adult R&B Songs chart. The alt-R&B jam and his second single “Close Enough” are pulled from his upcoming EP Afterimage, which is scheduled to release on. Also on the move is Jesse Campbell’s new single “Can’t Live Without You.” Although the song has yet to hit the Adult R&B chart, it got 4 adds at R&B radio in the latest tracking week.

Chart Update: Bruno Mars and Mary J. Blige

Last week, we highlighted new singles from solidified superstars Bruno Mars and Mary J. Blige. Both singles found success on their respective charts this week, with Blige’s empowering “Set Me Free” debuting at No. 23 on the Adult R&B chart and Mars’ power ballad “Versace on the Floor” also debuted this week at the No. 36 spot on the Mainstream R&B/Hip-Hop National Airplay chart. “Set Me Free” was added to 5 R&B stations, the third most for the week. Bruno Mars saw even more success this week, as his second single “That’s What I Like” re-claimed the No. 1 spot on the Adult R&B chart this week, edging out Childish Gambino’s soulful “Redbone” by a mere 6 spins at Urban AC radio. Blige and Mars are both on their headlining tours in support of their latest albums Strength of a Woman and 24K Magic, respectively.

New Developments: SZA & Bryson Tiller

In new developments, “Run Me Dry” will serve as the second single from Bryson Tiller’s No. 1 album True to Self. It was added to 15 mainstream urban stations in the latest tracking week. His lead single, “Somethin’ Tells Me,” dropped 20-22 on this week’s Mainstream R&B/Hip-Hop National Airplay chart. On the flip side, SZA’s “Love Galore” continues to sizzle, as it jolts 14-11 on the urban airplay chart in the latest tracking week. In more good news, SZA just received her first Video Music Award nomination for Best New Artist! The awards show’s ceremony is set for Aug. 27.

Both Tiller and SZA will begin the North American legs for their respective headlining tours next month before joining forces on European leg of Tiller’s tour in October.

Quick Notes: Chante Moore, Sevyn Streeter, Daniel Caesar/Kali Uchis, Musiq Soulchild

And lastly, in quick notes: Chante Moore’s “Real One” bounces 13-11 on the Adult R&B chart and receives a 114 spin increase at R&B radio; Top chart honors go to Sevyn Streeter this week, as her sultry single “Before I Do” leapt 9-6 on the Adult R&B chart. Not only did she see the most increase in radio spins (245), she also received ten adds at R&B radio, the second most in the latest tracking week; Daniel Caesar’s 2016 single “Get You” has been officially sent to R&B radio with twelve adds, the most for the week. This couldn’t have come at a better time, as both Caesar and Kali Uchis, who is featured on the single, have released new music as of late. It will be interesting to see how high this streaming cult hit can rise on the charts. To wrap up, Musiq Soulchild’s “Start Over” nudged up 20-19 on this week’s Adult R&B chart. The song is in a three way tie for the fifth most added track to R&B radio for the week. Musiq debuted the music videos for “Start Over” and “Simple Things” earlier this week.

Enjoyed this week’s Chart Check? What songs are on your rotation? Any R&B specific questions? Let us know in the comments below.

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Tank Recruits Trey Songz and Ty Dolla Sign for ‘When We’ Remix

Tank’s gold-selling single “When We” continues to evolve.The R&B General teams up with his label mates Trey Songz and Ty Dolla $ign for the official remix.

Hoping to add spice to Valentine’s Day playlists, the three R&B crooners update the sex-driven track with their own bedroom escapades.

Trigga opens up the track with his seductive verse, where he tells his woman he wants to take his time making sweet love to her. “I love the way you fuck me / But you don’t understand it’s way more than fucking when I fuck you / I would cross the ocean for you / Stroking through the ocean for you,” he sings.

Dolla Sign follows up with a braggadocio verse about his lovemaking skills. “Ride me like a pony / These niggas so phony / Treat you like a trophy / You know I pick up when the phone rings / You know I go deep until I make you scream,” he sings.

The original version of “When We” appears on Tank’s latest album, Savage, which released last fall. The song has over 17 million streams on Spotify alone.

Listen to Tank’s “When We (Remix)” below.

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Dondria Shares Remix to Daniel Caesar’s ‘Best Part’

It’s always a treat when our favorite R&B voices put their own flare on the beautiful recordings of other artists. Dondria does this with ease on her remix to Daniel Caesar and H.E.R.’s duet “Best Part.”

Over the acoustic instrumental, the Texas native replaces H.E.R.’s vocals, adding her unique vocal range to the duet’s soft lyrics. “I just wanna see how beautiful you are,” she sings. “You know that I see it / I know you’re a star / Where you go I’ll follow no matter how far / If life is a movie then you’re the best part.”

Currently, Phatfffat is working on a new mixtape, Dondria Duets 4, which may be the home for this latest offering.

Listen to Dondria’s “Best Part” of H.E.R. and Daniel Caesar’s duet below.

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10 Underrated Songs by Toni Braxton

Toni Braxton Underrated Songs

“I used to dream of living lavish, now your girl’s a living legend,” Toni Braxton sings on her newest offering “Heart Away.” She’s absolutely right: she is a living legend. With three multi-platinum albums, six top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot 100, and over 67 million records sold, Braxton is basking in the glory of her success.

As she gears up for her eighth studio album Sex & Cigarettes, let’s countdown some of her most slept-on records in a new monthly series we like to call UnderRated. (Sidenote: to be considered an “underrated” record, the song couldn’t have I have been a single at any point in time.)

Check out the list below:

“Gimme Some” (feat. Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes) from the album The Heat (2000)

Credits: Jazze Pha, Toni Braxton, Babyface, Lisa Lopes (Writers); Babyface and Jazze Pha (Producers)

Oh, Toni, why wasn’t this danceable number a single? Even though Babyface and Jazze Pha seem like an unlikely musical pair, they went to work on the lyrical content and production of this banger, which has Braxton taking charge when it comes to her love interest.

“It is an age-old story / Goes back back to Adam and to Eve / I know you know what I want for / And if it ain’t clear to ya baby / Don’t stop, let’s Rock, give it to me baby,” she sings. Left-Eye had a stellar verse too.

“What’s Good” from the album Libra (2005)

Credits: Bryan-Michael Cox, Johnta Austin, Toni Braxton, Joe Sample (Writers); Bryan-Michael Cox and Keri Lewis (Producers)

“What’s Good” appears as the third track off of Libra, and following the hip-hop edged songs “Please” and “Trippin’,” it’s a perfect musical shift in the gear of the album. Led by a genius sample of Joe Sample’s “In All My Wildest Dreams,” Braxton sings & coos confidently inc her signature contralto tone about the great things her new man does for her.

“It’s like a house I never left / Like a fever I wanna catch / Like a mountain that’s worth the climb / Talkin’ ’bout this man of mine / Like my money I wanna spend / My homie-lover-friend / He’ll be with me till the end / And he’s never failed me yet,” she sings.

“Caught (Don’t Take Your Hat Off) [feat. Mo’Nique]” from Pulse (2010)

Credits: Mikkel Stoleer Eriksen, Tor Erik Hermansen, LaShawn Daniels (Writers); Stargate (Producer)

Songs that appear on an album’s deluxe edition have a way of adding value to the original album; that’s exactly what this Stargate-produced jam off the Pulse deluxe album does. Braxton kicks her lover out of her house after being cheated on.

“Baby I been more than good to you / When you leaving gimme my key back too / It’s about to go down /Your, your other new lady/ You’re out there with your pants down,” she sings. The light, somber piano is almost addicting, and Mo’Nique’s monologue is the perfect touch.

“Talking In His Sleep” from the album Secrets (1996)

Credits: Toni Braxton (Writer); Keith Crouch (Producer)

Following “Un-Break My Heart” on the Secrets track listing is no easy feat, but bluesy tune “Talking in His Sleep” holds its own. Braxton’s speaking voice has a chilling effect as she touches on infidelity and adultery. “Guilty secrets/ They are haunting my life / And he doesn’t even know that I know/ Can you hear him / The promises he makes/ Said we’ll be together for always / He’s such a liar / Then he goes out to burn me.” The Mary J. Blige-esque jazzy bass line is killer!

“You’ve Been Wrong” from the album The Heat (2000)

Credits: Toni Braxton, Brian Casey, Brandon Casey, Teddy Bishop, Kevin Hicks, Thom Bell, Linda Creed (Writers); Teddy Bishop and Kevin Hicks (Producers)

If The Heat was a family, “Just Be a Man About It” would be the older sibling to this guitar-led track, which hears Braxton finally finding the strength to leave a no-good lover. “Finally I’ve realized/ Your lies have opened up my eyes/ This love affair, now it’s over, over/You’ve been wrong for so long/ And I can’t take the pain you bring me no more/ You’ve been wrong for so long/ And I can’t take the pain you bring me no more,” she sings. Oh, and the Stylistics’ “Stop Look Listen To Your Heart” interpolation? Genius.

“Lies, Lies, Lies” from the album More Than a Woman (2002)

Credits: Keri Lewis and Stokley (Writers); Keri Lewis (Producer)

Ms. Braxton is fed up on this rock n’ roll (yes, rock!) cut. “Don’t bother to apologize / It’s too late, heard it all before / And it should come as no surprise / I’m leavin’, I packed my things / ’Cuz I’m through with this merry-go-round / I’m getting off, I finally found / My strength way deep down / I shoulda left your ass after the first round,” she sings. This is one of the best songs Braxton has ever recorded. EVER (in my opinion).

The raw emotion, the pacing of the song, the commitment to the vocal — Toni was in her bag! Stokley didn’t play a single game with the lyrics, guitar solo, or the backing vocals. Shout out to Chris Dave, who played the drums on this song. And trust, this song is nothing without the drums!

“Shadowless” from the album Libra (2005)

Credits: Alex Cantrell and Philip White (Writers); Keri Lewis (Producer)

Some of Toni’s best songs have a nice guitar somewhere hidden in the instrumentation, but the acoustic guitar takes center stage on this song about regret and love lost. “Gotta make it right with you / Ooh you baby / So tell me what I gotta do / Ooh to make u come back home / Ooh boy how can this be / I remember that every step / U were here with me/ Now I’m shadowless,” she sings. There is just something so magical about the Living Legend’s smoky vocals over the spirited strums of the guitar. Although this would’ve been a nice finale track for this album, penultimate isn’t so bad either.
(If you’re feeling adventurous, check out the AOL Sessions version of this song.)

“The Heat” from the album The Heat (2000)

Credits: Keri Lewis and Toni Braxton (Writers and Producers)

Braxton channels the summer vibes and brings the heat on this sexy title track. “Summer’s almost over so you better hurry / Andale! Andale! / Starting right now let’s dance and party / Ole! Ole! Ole! / Give Me a reason to love you through, through the season / No need to hesitate, come on let’s get it on,” she sings. This song is easy and breezy; sultry and sensual; sex — well, y’all get the point. And to answer your question, Toni, yes, I do want some ice cream.

“Why Should I Care” from the album Secrets (1996)

Credit: Babyface (Writer and Producer)

Braxton is fed up and denying her ex lover a second chance on this ‘90s tune. “And every time I start to slip / I just remind myself / I need only thing of it / I went through so much hell / You say ya wanna get things back / The way they used to be / Can you give one good reason / Why I should darlin’/ Why should I care / Why should I care for you,” she sings. Babyface and Toni Braxton are always a magical pair, but you have to get into these background vocals from the one and only Chanté Moore!

“Do You Remember When” from the album More Than a Woman (2002)

Credits: Toni Braxton, Rodney Jerkins, Fred Jerkins, LaShawn Daniels III (Writers); Rodney Jerkins (Producer)

This More Than a Woman cut finds Toni Braxton thinking back on the better moments of her time with an ex lover. “Do it like you did back then / And then we’ll do it again / Do you remember when? / Reminiscing and more on what we had before / Makes me feel so warm inside / Wanting you constantly and feeling so sorry / That we had to say goodbye,” she sings. Although this song feels like a The Neptunes-Kelis combo, Rodney Jerkins’ groovy production and Toni’s tender vocals fit seamlessly on this track, making it one of the standouts on this album.

Honorable Mentions

“Selfish” from More Than a Woman: Upon first listen, you’ll notice how intricate the background vocals are. So, it’s no surprise that this song credits Brandy as a writer and her ex-boyfriend Robert Smith as the producer of this breezy tune.

“If I Have to Wait” from Pulse: It’s unfortunate that Country radio and the Country music industry is so exclusive, because this had the potential to be a nice crossover hit.

“Sposed to Be” from Libra: Blackground Records was not feeling the original album that Toni Braxton and then-husband Keri Lewis turned in, so they set her up with additional recording sessions. That decision led to the creation of this sensual cut, which is spearheaded by The Underdogs and even features a writing credit for Keri Hilson.

What are your favorite songs from this list? Let us know in the comment section below!

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