Aaron Camper Releases New Song ‘Fire’

After bringing the “Heat,” Aaron Camper lights up a “Fire” with his new track. The song is third release from Camper’s forthcoming project, Summer Camp, which is slated to release this year.

In an interview with Milk, Camper shared where his mindset was when creating Summer Camp. “My most honest one—realizing where relationships are with social media and shit,” he said. “Everybody’s being their most true selves now. They’re going to bed for themselves, working for themselves, thinking for themselves. Relationships are different, as well.

He continued, “With the music we just put out, I wrote according to my vibes and the way that I was dressed, what I wanted at the moment—I wanted something to get dressed to, something that said we were going out. Something that feels like that. Those are the things people are picking up on, it’s just everyday stuff. That’s where I was writing from—those most honest places, exposing myself.”

Summer Camp will also feature “High $ Habit,” which dropped in September.

Check out “Fire” by Aaron Camper below.

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Emerging Singer ilham Drops New Track ‘Say Less’

Rising singer has released a new track titled “Say Less,” produced by NiBones.

“’Say Less’ is about people who don’t wanna grow up yet,” ilham told Bluntiq. “I wrote ‘Say Less’ right after I hung out with some old friends.”

Listen to “Say Less” by ilham below.

The Queens, NY native also released a smooth track called “Stuck in the Past.” Listen below.

Toni Braxton Releases New Song ‘Heart Away’ with Birdman

R&B legend Toni Braxton teams with her alleged boyfriend Birdman for her a new track, “Heart Away.” Produced by London On Da Track, the edgy tune is an interpolation of Cash Money artist Dez Deshon’s song “Hardaway.”

“He took my heart away, bad man with good manner / Played me like I was a habit / Middle finger, he could have it / I used to dream of livin’ lavish / Now a girl’s a livin’ legend,” Braxton sings.

Birdman raps, “I got something worth more than money / Go to church, free the birds on Sundays / So much pain I took you away from it / When I pull up on you I’m stunting.”

Last fall, Braxton released her single “Deadwood” as the lead track from her upcoming album, Sex & Cigarettes

Listen to “Heart Away” below.

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