Jessie J Drops New Single ‘Not My Ex’

Not My Ex Jessie J

Not My Ex Jessie J

Jessie J is keeping the ball rolling with her follow-up single “Not My Ex.”

On the DJ Camper-produced jam, the vocal powerhouse warns he new love interest about carrying baggage from previous relationships into future ones and how important trust is in a relationship.

“But now you wanna love me, who knows what you’ll find/It won’t be easy, but I’m down for the ride / Just remember / You’re not my ex, no / I know I can be trouble / Lord knows that it’s hard/It won’t be simple and I’ll give you my heart / Just remember, I’m not your ex,” she sings.

Jessie J first began this era with the release of promo single “Real Deal.” Three weeks ago, she announced the album R.O.S.E., an intimate tour, and the official lead single “Think About That.”

In the album’s trailer, she explains that each single represents a letter in the acronym. “Think About That” represented “R,” which stands for “Realisations.” “Not My Ex” represents the “O,” which stands for “Obsessions.”

Stream “Not My Ex” below.

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Willie Taylor Releases New Song ‘Naked’ featuring Jeremih

Valentine’s Day may be over but love is still in the air. Willie Taylor of Day26 teams with his cousin Jeremih for a sexy new track titled “Naked.” The title of the track is pretty self-explanatory. The two sing about an intimate night with a love interest.

“Enough with the drunk talk, we already faded / And right now these clothes are overrated, can I take them off?” Taylor sings.

Jeremih comes towards the end of the track and sings about recording his session. “Camera’s on don’t you act funny on me / Booty so stupid, go dummy on it / Throw it back, I’ma throw money on that,” he sings.

Listen to “Naked” below.

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6LACK Shares New Song ‘Cutting Ties’

Not everyone has a Valentine today. 6LACK shows love to Team Single with his new song “Cutting Ties.” On the dark track, 6LACK breaks up with his girlfriend, further stating he just needs to be alone.

“I been tryna balance all this on my plate / I ain’t tryna be lying to your face / You can do better than that / Something I need to share before you rest here / I know that you gave your best here / But I can’t figure out what’s next here,” he sings on the OZ-produced cut. He continues, “When it comes to cutting ties, girl, I’m like a pro.”

6LACK went on Instagram to confirm the song is for those who are not in a relationship. “If you have a valentine good for you, if you don’t this for you,” he wrote on Instagram.

“Cutting Ties” is the first song 6LACK has released in 2018. The song follows his collaborative track with Timbaland, “Grab The Wheel,” which was released last December.

Listen to “Cutting Ties” below.

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