Toni Braxton Releases New Single ‘Long As I Live’

After dropping “Deadwood” late last year, Toni Braxton reemerges with a new song titled “Long As I Live.”  Arriving just in time for Valentine’s Day, the heartfelt track finds Braxton having trouble getting over a past relationship and seeing her ex with another woman.

“Long as I live / I’ll never get over / It’s killing me / I’ll never get over,” Braxton sings. “If you can’t be with the one you love / It’s okay.”

“Long As I Live” and “Deadwood” will appear on Braxton’s next album, Sex & Cigarettes, which is expected to release some time this year.

Listen to “Long As I Live” below.

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Mya Releases New Song ‘You Got Me’

Mya blesses fans with a new song called “You Got Me.”

On the snappy groove, the R&B siren wants to leave her partner with a lasting experience in the bedroom, so he won’t lust for other women when he’s out on the road.

“They’ll never do you like me / They’ll never touch you like me / Have you going crazy, make you call me trouble / A dose is not enough, I’ll have you doing doubles,” she sings.

“You Got Me” is the follow-up track to her sexy track “Ready For Whatever” which came out in September. Both songs are expected to be featured on Mya’s nameless upcoming album.

Listen to “You Got Me” below.

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Willie Taylor Releases New Song ‘Naked’ featuring Jeremih

Valentine’s Day may be over but love is still in the air. Willie Taylor of Day26 teams with his cousin Jeremih for a sexy new track titled “Naked.” The title of the track is pretty self-explanatory. The two sing about an intimate night with a love interest.

“Enough with the drunk talk, we already faded / And right now these clothes are overrated, can I take them off?” Taylor sings.

Jeremih comes towards the end of the track and sings about recording his session. “Camera’s on don’t you act funny on me / Booty so stupid, go dummy on it / Throw it back, I’ma throw money on that,” he sings.

Listen to “Naked” below.

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