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Janelle Monáe Scores First Top 10 Single of ‘Dirty Computer’ Era

Oh me, oh me, oh me, oh my.

Janelle Monáe’s latest single “I Like That” enters the top 10 on Billboard’s Adult R&B Songs Chart this week. The unconcerned anthem jumps three spots to No. 8, after ten weeks on the chart. This is Monáe’s first top 10 record of her Dirty Computer era.

“I Like That” is also No. 10 on Urban Adult Contemporary radio while it holds tight in the top 40 of urban radio.

In other news, Monáe was recently added to the 2018 Music Tastes Good Festival performers lineup. She will storm the stage on September 30 in Long Beach, Calif. Tickets are available at

Top 4 Deep Cuts from K. Michelle’s Debut Album ‘Rebellious Soul’

K. Michelle Album Cover Rebellious Soul

Kimberly Michelle Pate, better known as K. Michelle, has come a long way since she graced our television screens in 2012 as a cast member on VH1’s Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. Three No. 1 albums, four tours, and a few social media beefs and public relationships later, she is really beginning to zone in on her artistic vision and hone her own sound. On this bumpy road of her musical journey, she has faced many hardships, but also enjoyed many milestones. Her first major success (post-Jive Records) is her debut album, Rebellious Soul.

In celebration of Rebellious Soul’s fifth anniversary, we’ve decided to compose a short list of some of the best non-single tracks from K. Michelle’s first No. 1 R&B album.

Here is our list of the top 4 deep cuts from the star’s breakout album:

“Hate on Her”

Infidelity is a common cause for failed relationships, and it’s no different when K. Michelle discovers her longterm relationship is crumbling in the wake of her lover’s infidelity. However, instead of hating or attacking the other woman, she feels sorry for her. “But I can’t even hate on her / Cause I know you got no heart / I can’t even hate on her / Cause I know how low you go,” she sings. This song makes the countdown for its lyrical genius and storytelling. Lines like “In this house we made are own / You have torn it down to nothing / And for the moment of a stroke / You let it all go” perfectly illustrate the combination of frustration, betrayal, and numbness that significant others feel after being cheated on. This would’ve been a great third single for the album, as its smooth production leans toward an R&B radio direction.

“When I Get a Man”/”Repair This Heart”

K. Michelle is speaking a loving relationship into existence on the album’s penultimate track. “I’m gon’ cater serve ya/ Give you what you deserve / He’s gon’ love me / When I get a man / I’mma treat him like a king / He gon’ be my everything / He gon’ love the hell outta’ me,” she sings. Although this is a perfectly fine R&B record with impressive production (courtesy of Hit Drew and Eric Hudson), the song is lifted by its hidden track “Repair This Heart.” The piano-driven cut serves as a sort of backstory for “When I Get a Man,” and flexes K’s pen game beautifully, as well as her voice’s capability of approaching a song with tenderness and emotion.


Although this was her first album, there were definitely some brilliant moments and “Sometimes” may be the brightest of them all. On this post break-up record, K is simply torn between her wants and her needs when it comes to a healthy relationship. “Oh, Lord have your mercy / For loving him religiously / I should be praying for better things / Instead of praying for a man / Who don’t give a fuck about me,” she sings. Not only is this is one of her finest vocal performances to date, but this song embodies everything about her: brutal honesty, unbridled passion, raw emotions, high energy, and of course rebellion with soul. What makes this even greater is the second hidden track on the album, about…well…her genitalia (sung operatically!) If there was a song that represented K. Michelle’s artistry, this would hands down be the song of choice.

“Right One”

Tank’s writing skills come to life once again thanks to K. Michelle. The Memphis-born and bred singer is literally holding nothing back on her no-good ex on this killer kiss-off. “F*ck you and all that / Blast on Twitter then I’mma blast back / You want a ratchet then I’mma be that / Don’t make me call my boys and have yo sh*t peeled back,” she sings. What makes this deluxe edition record shine is her commitment to the sentiments and emotions penned by her, Tank, and Jerren “J-kits” Spruill. This would’ve been a more than appropriate addition to the standard LP, but we are thankful for the song’s video treatment, which has over 22 million views on YouTube.  And in song’s final phrase, so eloquently stated by K, she declares “and that’s the end; leave it there.”

What about you? What’s your favorite song from Rebellious Soul? Let us know in the comment section below.

Ginuwine to Launch Signature Fragrance Line This Fall

Who wants to smell like ‘100 percent Ginuwine?’ The R&B veteran has signed a deal with WHIFF, Inc. to create and launch his own line of signature colognes and perfumes.

According to an official press statement, the partnership is a lucrative opportunity for Ginuwine to create his own branded products that will appeal to his career-long audience.

“Our team was thrilled when Ginuwine selected us to develop his signature cologne,” says Jason Pang, COO at WHIFF, Inc. “We’re a total solution to get his brand to market so Ginuwine only needs to focus on product perfection and we take care of the details.”

Pang added, “It’s amazing to see his music creativity applied to another industry, and that’s a recipe for very unique and exciting products.”

Ginuwine is equally excited about the exclusive deal as Pang, calling WHIFF, Inc., “the perfect partner.”

“They have everything I need from e-Commerce expertise, an online marketing, and fragrance manufacturing,” Ginuwine explains on choosing WHIFF, Inc. for his signature line. “WHIFF’s hands-on approach and their team’s dedication to expanding my personal brand is ultimately what lead to my decision.”

Ginuwine embarked on his own fragrance line — G-Spot and 100% Ginuwine — in the early 2000s but the deal didn’t come to fruition.

Scent lovers can expect to be covered in Ginuwine’s signature aromas later this summer to early fall.

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