Melanie Fiona Talks New Album, Going Independent & ‘Angry R&B’ Label


Fresh off the release of her new single “Bite The Bullet,” Melanie Fiona kicks off the promotion for her new album, Awake.

The Toronto native spoke with BET about various topics including the significance of the album title. “It is about being present and being awake,” said Fiona. “It’s what I feel like I’ve experienced from the second project, The MF Life, up to now. It’s not just music. It’s a way of thinking and a way of life. It’s about honoring each moment, good or bad, because with everything that’s happened from 2012 to now, I’ve grown so much. I’m stronger and my best self. That came with a lot of experiences, and I had to welcome them all in order to elevate myself to a new level of sharing and making better music. The songs on the album are little snapshots of moments of awakening along the way.”

The “4 AM” singer addressed why she chose to become an independent artist. “It was just unrelenting belief in evolution and progression. The industry has changed, and I’ve always found myself in these one in a million type situations,” said Fiona. “It’s rare you hear of an established Grammy Award-winning artist going from major to independent by choice. I’m fortunate for my family at Universal. I’m fortunate for my family at Primary Wave. I’m thankful I’ve had great partners along the way to prepare me for this moment. I’m just excited I was able to have the power to choose.”

Although Fiona has recorded anthems such as “Wrong Side of a Love Song” and “It Kills Me,” she doesn’t approve of critics and fans labeling her or her music angry R&B. “I think ignorant people try to paint me into that lane,” she said. “That title, or whatever that is, is so general and based off one aspect of what people might think they know. Yes, those have been my biggest songs and I’m so proud of that because my strength and greatest success has come from my pain and there’s no shame in that. But to say I’m limited to being the angry R&B chick, then you haven’t listened to my projects. You haven’t listened to the other moments or come to a live show. You haven’t gotten the chance to know that I’m a very happy and positive person. I don’t wear my pain like that. I just channel it into my art.”

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Antwane Folk is the editorial assistant at RatedRnB.com.

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