Bryan Michael Cox on Mariah Carey's New Album: "We Did Like 10 Songs"

Bryan Michael Cox on Mariah Carey’s New Album: “We Did Like 10 Songs”


Finally, more details have been revealed about Mariah Carey’s highly awaited album.  In a recent interview with our friends at YouKnowIGotSoul, super-producer Bryan Michael Cox — who co-produced her comeback single “Triumphant (Get ‘Em)” — gave an update on his and JD’s contribution to Carey’s new album.

We did like ten songs. I don’t know how many songs are going to stick, but Mariah is like our sister. We love her and she calls. She always calls and a lot of artists don’t call. Mariah is one that consistently is like “If we’ve worked before, we can work again.” I love Mariah for that because she’s a true friend. We did a bunch of songs and I think four or five may stick. We’re excited about it.”

Last September, we learned that Mariah was also working with R. Kelly on something. Details about that collaboration are still unclear. Carey teased fans on Twitter by tweeting a photo of her and Kellz with a caption saying,“Me and Kells in the lab in Chi town working on a new song! OMG-his voice sounds A++.”

In November 2012, Carey released another song called “Bring It On Home,” which was an inspirational song dedicated to President Obama and his re-election.

Be sure to catch Mariah Carey as a judge on the new season of American Idol, which premieres on January 16.