Kelly Price Receives Doctorate Degree


Kelly Price has given her resume an upgrade. On Friday, the “Soul of a Woman”singer received an honorary doctorate degree from Global Oved Dei Seminary and University in Florida in philosophy and was co-valedictorian of the graduating class.

Her kids wrote a touching letter, which she shared on Instagram: “We’re so proud of the person you’ve become mom! You endure a lot that we have and haven’t witnessed with our own eyes as your kids. This is just the beginning for you. We love you through it all. We can officially call you Dr. Mom! #ProudKids.”

In other news, Price recently dropped her spiritual new single “Everytime (Grateful),” which will appear on the soundtrack for Bounce TV’s new dramatic series Saints & Sinners. 

Congratulations, Dr. Kelly C. Price!

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Editor’s Note: We’ve updated this article to include Price received an honorary degree.

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    1. Uh, go online and check out Global Oved Dei Seminary(GODS). It was “founded” in August 2014 by “Right Honorable Her Excellency Attorney Diane Moore-Eubanks.” It is “accredited” by NABBCS, an independent accreditation agency, according to the website for Global Oved Dei Seminary (GODS). Then check out NABBCS. It doesn’t even have a listed phone number. Then you decide if this is the real deal.

      1. Are we that starved for success that we will believe anything a celebrity posts? First, this is shoddy journalism at its best. There was no checking of sources or additional research beyond what she posted. Noah, I thank you for doing great research and cracking the code on GODSU. It is a sham honorary degree and she is misleading the public. Why would she claim it to be a real degree? Why didn’t Black media know better? Why would she go out and purchase fake graduation regalia and then publicize it? Why would she pretend that she has worked towards a PhD, with her posts of being “tired”? But you also have to ask yourself why people were falling all over themselves to congratulate a celebrity, when other Black students are grinding everyday to earn the title that Kelly Price attempted t buy. Come on people, we can do better! When do we get tired of the mediocrity?

  1. How do you get a Ph.D. Honorary degree and be valedictorian of your class at the same time. Doesn’t “honorary” mean given and not earned?

  2. I think there’s some confusion here. She didn’t get an actual Ph.D in philosophy. She should also stop referring to herself as “Kelly Price, PhD” and/or “Dr. Kelly Price.” Both are misleading, especially the former.

  3. Right! A true Ph.D. takes approx 5- 7 years (sometimes a little less) and requires two languages and the GRE just to ENTER into the program. It is usually an academic degree and one should be able to teach in an accredited institution upon receiving it. I’m wondering where Kelly is prepared to teach philosophy (that was her area of concentration, right??)

  4. I’m sorry, I would’t have even posted pictures of myself receiving such a “degree”. I’d be too embarrassed. I guess because I’m surrounded by people who actually GO to classrooms and WRITE dissertations after having studied for GRE exams and have to take 2 languages. I’m sorry… I just would be too embarrassed….

  5. Kelly Price did not earn a PhD. She bought an honorary doctorate from a diploma mill. Global Oved Dei Seminary and University’s website allows people to choose which honorary doctorate you want to buy. Then, you send two reference letters, a resume and pay the all-important fee. It’s that easy! She is no doctor of anything! What is even more sad is that she bought all the graduation gear and pretended that she actually earned a degree. Just so you know, the path to a PhD begins with a bachelor’s degree (4-5 years), a master’s degree (2-3 years), PhD coursework (2-3 years), foreign language, oral and written comprehensive exams (1-2 years), and researching and writing the dissertation (4-5 years). In total, from the beginning of an undergraduate degree to PhD takes approximately 13-19 years! Lastly, there is no such thing as a valedictorian at the college level. Valedictorians are in high school. At the college level you graduate with honors (summa, magna, cum laude). This woman is lying to everyone with these fake posts and the honorary degree she bought!

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Listen to a snippet of the record on Amazon.

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“Wow you just dunno how amazed I was to finally announce my FIRST ALBUM!!! & to perform my song for the first time on TV!! thank you so much everyone who has been supportive & open to growing with me,” Uchis wrote on Instagram.

Isolation will go on presale on March 23.

Uchis was nominated for a Grammy this year for her guest vocals on Daniel Caesar’s hit single “Get You.”

Watch Kali Uchis perform “After the Storm” below.

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