New Video: Ciara – ‘Got Me Good’

After sharing a trailer for her “Got Me Good” video, Ciara finally releases the full version. The video, directed by Joseph Kahn, was filmed on a desert road in California. Ciara, with the help of dancers including  America’s Best Dance Crew’s 8 Flavahz, brought us a high energy, dance filled video to coincide with the uptempo track.

“My back is achin’, my bra too tight, my booty shakin’ from the left to the right,” Ciara chants. The electrifying video shows Ciara and her dancers dancing in the desert from day to sunset.

Ciara recently spoke to VEVO, where Jim Macnie asked her to name a couple of tracks that she knew were on target when she cut them in the studio. Of course, Ciara spoke about her latest single:

“Got Me Good” definitely made me feel that way. I remember jumping on a stool in the middle of that one. [Producer] Rodney Jerkins has a video of me actually reacting to it. I literally jumped on this stool, probably three feet wide, dancing like I was in a club somewhere. And Rodney had these cool lights going. Everything felt right. He was asking me about the bass. I said I wanted some 808s, and I wanted the beat to move a certain way, and he started playing the keyboards, and we’re vibing, and before you know I’m jumping on a stool.

“Got Me Good” is the follow-up single to Ciara’s “Sorry” single. Both songs are featured on her upcoming album, One Woman Army, due this winter.


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