Melanie Fiona Confirms Third Album


It’s been over a year since Melanie Fiona released her critically acclaimed sophomore album, “The MF Life.” The Canadian songstress has been teasing fans with song covers and her latest tune, “Cold Piece.” With that said, Fiona has been boosting anticipation for her new album.

In a recent interview with Kempire Radio, the “4 AM” singer confirmed that she is working on  her third studio album and also plans on shooting a video for her buzz single “Cold Piece.”

Check out excerpts from her interview below.

On her third album

“I’m working simultaneously on just making music for future release as well as current so whatever comes up, I just want to stay creative. The fans can definitely continue to keep expecting more music from me as the year goes on and I’m working on the album.

Ideally, I would love to be able to say that I’m putting out an album by the end of the year or top of next year but you just never know how that all goes. I’m just making music in the meantime but there is an album in the works guys, it’s happening. It’s not a roundabout way of saying that you’ve got to wait too long. I’m definitely working on music and I’m definitely working on an album.”

On her “Cold Piece” video 

“Yes, I am definitely going to do a video for ‘Cold Piece’. I’ve actually been doing a lot of visualizing in my mind about how I would want to do this visual, because I think for me personally with the way the song is written, it’s clever.

I really approached writing this song like a rapper which is why I have a lot of punchlines and you know kind of little things that you want to reel back, and that’s why I actually started giving pace to the lyrics and kind of get involved. I always approach my music visually and I’m really interested to see how I can tell the story.”

Listen to the interview below.

(Source: Kempire Daily)

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