Brandy Covers UPTOWN Magazine: Talks New EP, Love & Dream Role On ‘The Wiz’

Brandy covers Uptown Magazine
Photo Credit: Uptown Magazine


Brandy graces the cover of UPTOWN Magazine. Styled by Mario Wilson, the R&B veteran dons a pony skin corset with a skirt by Cheng and Prada sandals.

In her cover story, Brandy dishes on her forthcoming EP, her role as Roxie Hart in the Chicago musical on Broadway, her dream to play Dorothy in The Wiz, her lesson learned about love and much more.

Read excerpts from Brandy’s cover story below.

On her new EP…
“It’s going to be five amazing songs that are very, very authentic. It has nothing to do with fitting in. This will be my own thing and my own way. Brandy is not in a box anymore. I am going to just allow myself to just fly with my music because I want to sing different kinds of songs, and I am not afraid to sing different kinds of songs now. I am going to sing songs that I feel in my heart. I need to release about love. I want a better understanding of love. I really want to sing songs about the way I dream of feeling about love. It’s not about the love that I’ve experienced before, it’s about the love that I want to receive.”

On playing Roxie Hart in Chicago
“I stepped into something that I was born to do and I didn’t know it. I walked on the stage and my entire life reawakened … It’s about making people feel good about themselves and helping people dream. The vain stuff, like the pictures I took for this magazine and being in shows, I love! But it is all just the polish. I’m not a celebrity. A star guides. There is a difference.”

On her dream to play Dorothy on The Wiz…
“Portraying Dorothy is a dream and I just want to experience my dreams. That’s what life is about. I want to inspire someone else to believe in theirs. God created us to thrive. And I am the proof. If I can overcome, then you certainly can too.”

On her lesson learned about love…
“I will not mix business with pleasure anymore. I think that’s one of the things that does not work for me. I get confused about who a person is. That’s one of the things that I know that I will never ever do if I am ever to have time or make time for another relationship. I want to keep my business and my personal separate.”

Read the full story on Uptown.

(Source: Uptown)

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Brandy on Next Album: ‘I’m Going To Make Sure I Don’t Sing The Wrong Songs’

For years, Brandy has been known as “The Vocal Bible” by critics, her peers and fans. Today, she can confidently say why she’s the right person to wear the crown.

“I’ve pushed my voice to ever limit,” she said in a candid interview with Silent of TrueExclusives. “I’ve done everything you can possibly imagine with my own voice. I have sang in every, single range that you can possibly think of…that I’m not supposed to be singing in because I’m not a soprano. I’m an alto singer.”

Even with this prestigious vocal responsibility, Brandy knows her limitations. “[In the studio] I’ll push my voice to the limit. I go in and try to shock myself,” she said. “But live, I don’t try live. I have to know exactly what it is that I’m doing. I practice what I’m going to do. I practice how I’m going to sing when I’m singing because I want to be great live.”

Aside from dishing on her views on what “The Vocal Bible” means, the R&B veteran talked about the future of her music legacy. “A lot of the time when I suffered not being able to get my music to the masses, it’s because I was singing the wrong songs. I’m going to make sure I don’t sing the wrong songs this time around.”

She elaborated, “They were not songs that were for me. When I don’t believe in a song, I shouldn’t do it because my belief in the song and in my belief in myself and the song won’t come together. So that equals no masses. I can’t reach everybody if I don’t believe in the song and you don’t believe in yourself in the song. Yeah, I can make a song sound good. But if I don’t believe in the song, then it’s not going to go anywhere.”

Throughout the 25-minute interview, Brandy also dished about finding liberation through “clapping back” to internet haters, her love for Cardi B, singing with her daughter Syrai and more.

Brandy continues to be focused on her many jobs: starring on Fox’s Star and performing her die-hard fans. She’s currently in a recording camp with producer DJ Camper, working on her next album, which could feature a collaboration with Daniel Caesar.

Watch her candid interview below.

Brandy and Daniel Caesar Hit the Studio

Could producer Darhyl “DJ” Camper be the mastermind behind a Brandy and Daniel Caesar duet? According to Instagram, yes. The newly married musician shared studio moments on Thursday (April 19) as he had “revival” with “The Vocal Bible” and “Get You” crooner.

We haven’t heard much solo music from Brandy besides “Beggin and Pleading” and 2012’s Two Eleven, which deserved much more. Back in 2015, Camper revealed he and Brandy were working on a five-track EP. “It’s something refreshing. I’m not putting Brandy in the club. You won’t hear Brandy in the strip club or in elements like that,” said Camper. “When you think of Brandy now, think of stadium status or arenas. Think of like the movie 300 with the Romans. It’s going to be big and classic. That’s what I’m having her around this time around. If you think Coldplay is big, watch what Brandy does.”

As the new kid on the block, Caesar is enjoying his stroll around the music business. He recently released the music video for “Best Part” featuring H.E.R. and even charted on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart with his single “Get You” featuring Kali Uchis.

We can’t wait to hear more about this collaboration from this musical trinity.


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Chloe x Halle Dazzle on April Music Issue of NYLON Magazine

Chloe x Halle is living their best lives right now. The sister duo graces the cover of NYLON’s April music issue.

On the stylish cover, Chloe sports a pink Tibi suit while Halle rocks a Burberry hoodie and blazer. Throughout the music issue, the Parkwood Entertainment signees share advice from Beyoncé, their message to young girls, penning “Warrior” for A Wrinkle in Time and more.

Last month, Chloe x Halle released their debut album The Kids Are Alright, which received rave reviews. The album opened at No. 19 on the Billboard Top R&B Albums chart. No matter where the The Kids Are Alright debuted on Billboard, the album is still a must listen.

See photos and experts from Chloe x Halle’s NYLON issue below.

On advice from Beyonce…

‘Let the world catch up to you, because what you’re doing is outstanding, and it’s needed in the world right now’

On overall message in their music…

I think we just want to let other girls know that your feelings are valid and, as a human being, you’re powerful and valid and beautiful.

On penning “Warrior” from A Wrinkle in Time…

We watched the trailer for A Wrinkle in Time, the word that stood out to us was ‘warrior.’ And we kind of just wrote a love letter to ourselves as young girls and what we want to be, and it came out to be ‘Warrior

Read full issue here.

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