Gladius James Recruits Wiz Khalifa For New Single ‘Rich’

Emerging artist Gladius James has released his new single “Rich” featuring rapper Wiz Khalifa. On the track, James sings about how is lover makes him feel rich. “When I’m with you, I’m rich / Don’t need no money, I’m rich / All I need is your loving, your kiss / ‘Cause when I’m with you, I’m rich,” he sings.

Speaking on his new track, James said, “It’s been almost two years since I wrote ‘Rich’ and at the time I didn’t write it for anyone specific. I honestly can’t explain where it came from. But as I’ve grown and I’m becoming a more refined individual, there’s part of me that believes I wrote it for myself. I’m speaking to my heart, I’m speaking to my feminine side, and I’m finding my inner value in the midst of feeling hopeless about myself.”

Khalifa added, “Making the song and video with Gladius was super tight cause the song is so fire.”

“Rich” is the follow-up to James’ previously released tracks “Too Bad” and “We All Got Issues.” All three songs will appear on his forthcoming project, Revelation, which is set to release this year on Island Records.

Listen to “Rich” by Gladius James and Wiz Khalifa below.

Keithan is the founder/editor-in-chief of Rated R&B