Kiana Ledé Releases ‘Fairplay’ Remix featuring A$AP Ferg

Emerging artist Kiana Ledé updates her new single “Fairplay” with a guest verse from rapper A$AP Ferg. The Desmond South-produced track opens with the original verse from Ledé before A$AP Ferg chimes in for the second verse.

“Tell me why you mad / Tell me why you’re hurt / Bet you didn’t think that the tables would turn / You gon’ fuck around / I’ma do the same / How you like that karma,” Ledé sings on the chorus.

Speaking on the track, Ledé told Genius, “I just broke up with someone, because I got cheated on. I was in that phase right when you break up where I was really angry, and everything that I did was it was calculated, and I was thinking, ‘What if he sees this?’ Everybody goes through that part.

She continued, “I got in the studio, and this was one of the days where he had reached out to me, and I was like, ‘Dude I cared so much about this relationship, and then you went and fucked it up. Now you’re left picking up the pieces and carrying so much, and I’m trying to move on.’ So I was like, damn, that’s karma.”

“Fairplay” has impacted radio and is currently No. 43 on the rhytmic radio chart. Ledé is gearing up to release her debut EP this summer.

Aside from music, Ledé is also making noise in Hollywood. She starred in season two of MTV’s hit show Scream and most recently landed a co-starring role on Rev Run’s new Netflix series.

Listen to Kiana Ledé and A$AP Ferg on “Fairplay” below.

Ledé recently dropped an acoustic version of “Fairplay.” Check it out below.

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Macy Gray Announces Tenth Album ‘Ruby’ and Shares New Song ‘Sugar Daddy’

Macy Gray satisfies her sweet tooth on her new single “Sugar Daddy.”

On the sassy trap record, co-written by Meghan Trainor, the raspy vocalist tells her sugar plug to supply her needs in candy; not dollars. “And I know I got it bad, I got a problem,” Gray sings, “But I’ll take them cavities long as I get them from you.”

Along with releasing “Sugar Daddy,” Gray shares its accompanying visual. The Christian Lamb–directed video, which stars Kevin Ross, is an ode the 1972 Billie Holiday biopic Lady Sings the Blues, which starred music icon Diana Ross as the lady of the hour.

“Sugar Daddy” is the lead single off Gray’s new album, Ruby, which is set to arrive on September 7. The album will mark her first release since 2016’s Stripped jazz covers album. In addition to Trainor, the Tommy Park Lumpkins co-produced record will feature Gary Clark Jr., Johan Carlsson and Tommy Brown.

Call on your “Sugar Daddy” below.

Tiffany Evans Reminds Us ‘Money Ain’t Everything’ on New Song

Tiffany Evans is using her beautiful voice to spread a positive message. The singer/actress has released a new track on her Soundcloud called “Money Ain’t Everything.”

Evans revealed she wrote and recorded the song four years ago. “I was in a really vulnerable space in my life,” she said in a statement. “I remember being fed up with the world being so materialistic to the point where we hurt others just to get what we want. I just wanted to spread a message that Money Ain’t Everything. It doesn’t guarantee life or happiness or true love. Inner peace, compassion for others and your purpose is really all that matters in the end. With the way everything is happening in the world right now, I hope this song speaks to every soul out there that is seeking Peace.”

“Money Ain’t Everything” is the first song Evans has released this year. Although the track isn’t an official single it will definitely hold over fans until she drops her new project later this year.

Listen to “Money Ain’t Everything” below.

Jake&Papa Share New Song ‘Back To The Future’ Featuring Quincey White

Jake&Papa aren’t looking to go “Back to the Future” on their new track featuring rapper Quincey White.

On the melodramatic track, produced by Isaac Hayes, the duo put their best foot forward as they look to move on from a dissolved relationship. Quincey White adds a blazing verse, citing “once I love, I love hard.”

Jake&Papa explained the inspiration behind their new track. “‘Back to the Future’ is an ode to a classic movie and a figurative high-step over the classic I-want-that-old-thing-back maneuver,” the said in a statement. “The future that we once built is now the past, but we can’t go back there.”

“Back to the Future” is the first recording we’ve heard from Jake&Papa since their 2017 EP Tattoos&Blues, which included their lead single “Phones.”

Take a listen to “Back to the Future” below.