Rob Milton Releases New Summer Groove ‘Greater Love’

Rising artist Rob Milton is searching for a “Greater Love” on his new song.

Influenced by reggae culture and breezy, warm weather, the song hears Milton persuading a special someone to give their possible love connection a chance. “There is no greater love / Than the love that I have for you,” he sings. “There is no greater touch / Than the way that I touch you / But you don’t really want that do you?”

Speaking on “Greater Love,” Milton says, “It’s a whole summer vibe and just saucy enough to play as the soundtrack of your favorite moments of the season,” he says. “But it also doubles as a realization that life is too good (or too bad, however you choose to see it) to live it alone. I hope we all find the greater love that we deserve.”

Listen to “Greater Love” by Rob Milton below.

Antwane Folk is the editorial assistant at RatedRnB.com.

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