DAWN Feels Angelic on New Song ‘Guardian Angel’

DAWN keeps a watchful eye as “Guardian Angel” on her latest record.

Teaming with UK producer Mumdance, the singer lifts every voice with the help of a dramatic symphony. “Darkness has to fall, night turns cold,” she sings. “You’re lost, can’t find your way / I’m always close to you / What we’ve got will last forever.”

She shared the backstory of the song on Instagram. “Wrote this record with @mumdance for the unseen angels. for the ‘others’ that feel unheard but have powerful voices. for those misunderstood but are fully aware of themselves. here’s to the guardian angels.”

And if you’re wondering when we’re getting a new album from DAWN, it’s coming. She plans to release the project in winter 2019 via Local Action.

Stream “Guardian Angel” below.

Antwane Folk is the editorial assistant at RatedRnB.com.