Interview: Mindless Behavior Talks New Era of Music

They’re all grown up now

It seems like R&B groups have become a thing in the past but Mindless Behavior is proving otherwise. The group made their official debut in 2011 with their first album, #1 Girl, which included hits such as the Diggy Simmons-assisted “Mrs. Right” and the title track. The latter tune garnered over 800,000 digital downloads. They were indeed teen sensations and had every girl screaming at the top of their lungs at their tour stops with artists like Justin Bieber, Jason Derulo and even Janet Jackson.

Two years later, in 2013, Mindless Behavior released their sophomore album All Around the World. One thing that stood out was their matured voices. It sounded a lot more developed compared to their debut. The group would soon see themselves taking a hiatus.

“We wanted to graduate high school and start college,” says Princeton. “We had all grown up together. It was good to take a step back for minute.”


Mindless Behavior’s break is over and the group is ready to continue to spread their music around the world. There’s something slightly different about the group, though. They’re now a trio that includes original member Princeton (20) and new members E.J. (19) and Mike (18).

In June, Mindless Behavior released their comeback album #OfficialMBMusic via Conjunction Entertainment. With songs like “#FreaksOnly” and “#OverNightBag,” the group makes it clear that they’re all grown up.

Rated R&B caught up with Mindless Behavior to discuss their new album, their growth as a group and upcoming tour.

We were first introduced to Mindless Behavior when you were kids. How has the group evolved?

Princeton: The brand of Mindless Behavior is definitely the same. We still sing. We still dance. We still have great substance to us but it’s a little different. We kind of compare ourselves to Bell Biv Devoe in terms of changes, but consistency. MB is still the same as Mindless Behavior. We’re just grown, a little different in terms of age and just a lot more experience.

Your new album #OfficialMBMusic landed at No. 3 on the iTunes R&B Albums chart. How does it feel to return with such success after a hiatus?

EJ: It’s feels pretty good. The reception has been great. We worked hard on this album and really wanted to make it great, especially being independent. We had a little more time to sit down and focus on what we wanted to say. Since we’re older now and have been through different things, it reflects in our music. We had a good time and we’re glad the fans are rocking with it.

Mindless Behavior

Mike, Princeton and EJ

What was the inspiration for your album and the meaning behind title?

Mike: Basically, just wanting the world to see that we grew up. Everything that we talk about is real and stuff that we actually go through in life. That’s part of what the album title is, too; everything is official MB music.

Do you think people have trouble accepting the fact that you’re all adults now?

Princeton: Of course. I feel like if you start young, people kind of always want you to stay young. We’re just smart with what we do. We’re not trying to be older. We are older. We just hope that the fans that we had when were younger grow up with us and tell other people and we branch off to a bigger and better audience.

The first song you released from the album was “#iWantThat.” What’s the story behind it?

EJ: The song has kind of a west coast vibe. It was actually one of the first songs we actually cut for the album. We were in the studio thinking about concepts to write about — being older and confident in how we approach women, that kind of came about. It’s a really fun and chill record.

What do you want fans to take away from your new album?

Mike: We want all the fans to take away growth with everything that we do — not just from the album. We’ve been working really hard. We put our heart and soul into this album.

I hear there’s a tour in the works. What can we expect?

EJ: Kind of the same thing that Mindless Behavior has already brought to tours — great performances and great dance moves. I also think that we can bring some elements that are a little more different from when were younger. So, they can expect something new and some surprises.

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