5 Love Lessons Learned From Toni Braxton & Babyface’s ‘Love, Marriage & Divorce’ Album

Photo Credit: Motown Records

Photo Credit: Motown Records

On Tuesday (Feb. 4), Toni Braxton and Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds released their duets album, “Love, Marriage & Divorce.” The 11-track set reflects on the love stories of both Braxton and Edmonds — from the good to bad and the in-between.

While the album mirrored the turmoil from their own romantic relationships, it’s almost certain the songs could be parallel to their fans’ love life.

Music has the ability to act as an interpreter that reveals underlying issues in the lives of its listener who can’t express his or her shortcomings verbally to themselves.

Each song on Braxton and Edmonds’ new album uncovers a valuable lesson in love that could shed light on one’s current love state and help ease the troubles in the relationship.

If you can’t afford a relationship counselor, you’re in luck. We’ve listed five love lessons from five standout tracks that can help bring peace back to your relationship — whether you’re together or not.

Lesson No. 1: Listen and pay attention the first time your partner tells you something’s wrong.

The number one question you plead to your partner when they’re walking out the door is “where did we go wrong?” But the better question is “why weren’t you listening when they were trying to explain what was wrong?”

A key part in a relationship is listening to your partner when they’re expressing their concerns on the current state of the relationship. Look at listening like going for a checkup and finding out you have a serious illness. The doctor tells you, “Luckily, you caught in the early stages or it could have been a lot worse.”

If you hear the problem early, work out it out then, you won’t have to worry about hearing those haunting five words (where did we go wrong?) later. You’ll have already resolved the situation at its earliest stage before it became untreatable.

“Where Did We Go Wrong?”

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