RATED NEXT: British Singer J-Sol

R&B music possesses strong international appeal and transcends cultural barriers. In the UK, however, their dose of R&B potion seems to be running low. Even though the genre has lost its prominence in the UK, British R&B artist J-Sol is striving to put a change to that. “Honestly, [R&B] is pretty much nonexistent,” he reveals. The emerging young artist is taking the initiative to rekindle the UK population back to the forgotten genre. “There’s not a lot of people doing it anymore and it’s not like it was before, but I think it’s definitely on its way back up and I’m happy to be a part of it.”

Good thing J-Sol is equipped for the task at hand in reviving R&B back to his native country. For starters, the musician graduated from one of the top performing arts schools in the UK, The Brit School, with distinguished alumni such as Jessie J, Adele and Amy Winehouse. The training and skills acquired there has had a positive effect on his embarking career. “It’s had a good impact, it’s a very credible place to come from,” says J-Sol. He admits “it can be a lot of pressure at times because of the high standard that has come out of there,” but the “Keep It On The Low” singer is always up for a challenge. “I love pressure and being made to feel like I have to prove myself.”

As a validation of proof, the singer has already earned some bragging rights under his belt. He has opened for notable American acts such as Boyz II Men and Bobby V. and has stacked in his accomplishment basket his performance at the Olympic Stadium in London last summer for over 10,000 fans. The budding artist, just reaching his 20s, marks the experience as unreal and says when he thinks about giving up on music he remembers that exhilarating moment.

The singer by no means has any reason to surface a thought of giving up on his craft. He has a huge task at hand and with the high buzz of his current single “Keep It On The Low,” the Brit displays the elements that will bring R&B back alive in the UK with his catchy music that possesses swag and a british flare. “My songs always have a catchy part that I’m sure most people would know after first listen,” describes the artist about his signature sound. “There’s always some kind of attitude in my vocal performance. I think it’s very important [also] that you can hear where I’m from in my songs.”

J-Sol’s buzzing single “Keep It On The Low” birthed from BET’s hit drama series “Being Mary Jane.” The song stems from the idea of a man and his mistress keeping their side fling a top secret. J-Sol clarifies that the concept of the song is “definitely not a personal experience.” On the track, the British artist has his first collaboration with an American artist who happens to be So So Def’s Dondria Nicole. “I couldn’t wish for the chemistry between us to be any better,” comments J-Sol. “Once we discovered we both loved to eat we became pals,” he says jokingly. The chemistry between the two artists can easily be witnessed in the upbeat steamy video for “Keep It On The Low,” released less than a month ago, with both artists showing off their nice signature dance moves.

J-Sol will soon release his EP titled “Laid Bare.”Even though he kept lips sealed on a few details that couldn’t be prematurely exposed, he did give us some exclusive insight on what to expect for the project. “I worked with a producer called Mokeyz who has produced for artists such as Ariana Grande, Wretch 32, Misha B., Krept & Konan just to name a few. The song we did is called ‘Scream,’ written by Disturbing London artist J Warner.”

With his new music EP, hopefully the British singer can fulfill his mission to revive R&B in the UK. Even though R&B originated in the states, the Brit believes it is important to bring this music back to British land. Support J-Sol’s quest to expand R&B’s boundaries and his genuine passion for the treasured genre.

Follow J-Sol on Twitter @JSolWorld.

Lanetra is a writer for RatedRnB.com and is an avid lover of 90s R&B.


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J-Sol Shares Heartfelt Single ‘Wish I Could’

After dropping “Sober” earlier this year, rising artist J-Sol is back with a new track titled “Wish I Could.” The raw and emotional cut was inspired by J-Sol’s mother, who died a few years ago.

“‘Wish I Could’ is one of the most meaningful songs I’ve ever written,” says J-Sol. “Many people don’t know I lost my mum through a stroke that was caused by cancer in April 2015. It’s something I’ve tried to forget yet struggled to come to terms with.”

He continues, “I wrote half the song then scrapped it because I lost my passion for music. I went to LA recently where I met someone and fell in love. No matter how hard I tried, nothing I did was good enough. I lost and betrayed myself to the point where I was saying things that were completely out of my character. When I got back to London, I reflected on my regrets which inspired me to finish the song ‘Wish I Could.'”

With “Sober” and “Wish I Could” out, we’re hoping to hear news about J-Sol’s forthcoming project.

Stream “Wish I Could” below.

J-SoL Releases ‘Sober’ Video

British singer J-SoL soaks up the sun in the visual for his new single “Sober.” Filmed in LA, the colorful clip shows him and his crew living it up at a pool party as they pop bottles and dance.

“‘Sober’ is the perfect transition into my new sound, I freestyled it in the studio with my producer and we laid it down pretty much on the fly,” he said. “When I wrote the song, I rarely drank but since writing it, it’s almost like I’m now literally living it! I think a lot of people can relate to having that extra bit of confidence when they’ve had a drink or two down them!”

J-SoL recently supported August Alsina on the European leg of his Don’t Matter Tour. He will also support Mila J on her UK tour in March.

Watch J-Sol’s “Sober” video below.

Meet R&B’s New ‘Pretty Girl’ Rhyon Brown

With roles in That’s So RavenLincoln Heights and Get Rich or Die Tryin, Rhyon Brown has made her mark in the film and television industry. Now the millennial entertainer is expanding her entertainment resume in the field of music.

Under the guidance of Grammy-nominated producer Harmony Samuels, the West Coast native is making waves with her debut album, Pretty Girl. Released last month on BOE Music Group/EMPIRE, the project features her catchy tune “California,” as well as her emotional track titled “Gone.” 

In support of her debut album, Rhyon released a short film with the same title. The premiere event attracted plenty of Hollywood influencers including Kofi Siriboe, Megan Good, Wendy Raquel Robinson, Paige Hurd, Tasha Smith, Keith Powers, Niecy Nash, Skye Townsend, Nicki Micheaux and Insecure’s Y’lan Noel, to name a few.

Rated R&B recently chatted with Rhyon about her debut album, working with Harmony Samuels, her short film and more.

Check out our interview below.

What is the inspiration behind your debut album Pretty Girl?

My inspiration initially was simply to be honest. I’ve been in the entertainment industry for a long time but this was my first introduction into the music industry and I knew the only way this would ever work was for me to be honest. People see through an artist not being who they are, fans are smart. Now, my inspiration has changed, and its to encourage people to recognize how great God has made them.

The album surprisingly doesn’t contain any features. Is this by coincidence or something you did purposely?

We didn’t have any features per say as far as my track list is concerned. I wanted to grow my fan base organically, with people finding me, liking my music and enjoying my message. I didn’t want people to like me only because I had another artist on my record that they were fans of. But I can say I have two songs graced with the presence of Andre Troutman, incredible artist and the best person I have ever had the pleasure of seeing work a talk box. No one does it better than him.

Along with your album, you have a short film. Tell us your experience creating that.

It was a rollercoaster. We pulled off a large feat with a group of very talented and dedicated people, but also a very small group. There were a lot of people wearing many different hats. Making this film and seeing how it is affecting people its literally a dream come true, but it took a lot of long days with very little sleep.

What is your definition of a Pretty Girl?

Someone that recognizes that her beauty isn’t found in anything this world can provide, and she shares that inspiring other people to feel and act the same way.

What’s your message to a girl who may not feel like she’s pretty?

The world does a really good job of telling women what they are supposed to look like and how they are supposed to feel, its not on the world to determine that for you. Being pretty is a choice, because everyone defines beauty differently. But when you choose to be pretty others will chose to look at you the same, because your belief makes it undeniable.

You’re signed to Harmony Samuels’ label BOE Music Group. How did you connect with him and is there anything you’ve learned about yourself while being under his wing?

I met him through someone that really believed in me that got Harmony Harmony to take a meeting, and rest was history from there. I’ve learned so much from him, the guy is a genius and one of the hardest working people I know. But its the fact that he’s a risk taker, and when God tells him something he’s willing to put everything on the line to make that happen and he reaps the benefits of that trust. So its made me be more of a risk taker, and more of a believer in my own purpose.

Although you may be new to music, you’re certainly not new to entertainment. Your acting resume continues to grow. Is there anything you’re currently filming that you can share with us?

My episode of Irv Gotti’s new BET show Tales actually just aired on October 24th.

Follow Rhyon on Instagram at @RhyonBrown. Stream Pretty Girl below.

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