VIDEO: J. Holiday – ‘Where Are You Now’

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R&B artist J. Holiday, APEX Media Group and Barry Lares deliver a short music video film for ‘Where Are You Now,” the third single from J. Holiday’s “Guilty Conscience” album.

After an almost five-year hiatus, J. Holiday lent the world his talents again for the new year this past January with his third studio album “Guilty Conscience.” Feeling perhaps a little ‘guilty’ for his absence in the music world, the singer supplied fans with a full set of three singles from his positively-received album.  Now eight months into the year, Holiday serves us with a cinematic-like video for his third single.

The video for the fan-favorite single “Where Are You Now” starts off with Holiday and his lover spending quality time together. However, along the way something goes wrong and the couple part ways. The visual switches back and forth between shots of the couple together and shots of the lovers separately apart. Holiday croons over his missing lover wondering where she is and if she is even thinking of him while his lover contemplates her decision of leaving.

The video swaps between black and white shots and shots of color magnifying the emotion of the song. Holiday and his leading lady do a great job of conveying the feeling of the emotional track as they bring the “Where You Are Now” track to life. Watch the over four-minute video for your viewing pleasure below and you’ll have an even greater appreciation for the song.

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BAYLi Sets August Release Date for ‘SUMMER’ Mixtape

Before the season changes, BAYLi wants to contribute a SUMMER soundtrack. The emerging singer has confirmed her debut mixtape — featuring already shared songs “Underneath” and “MYOB: Or Whatever” — will be heard in full on August 31. She also reveals SUMMER’s tracklist.

For the project, BAYLi will touch on break-ups, love, struggles of being an upcoming artist, parties, and facing deep-rooted insecurities.

Along with the SUMMER rollout, BAYLi drops a video for her new song titled “Out of Love.” In the quirky video, the singer hates being the third wheel and decides to break up a few loves scenes.

“It seems like no one wants to give me any love,” BAYLi says about the new video and song. “Everyone is too distracted by what’s on their phones or their work, and everyone else is taken. I want viewers to just know that even though the world feels like it’s falling apart, love yourself and give love!”

Watch the rom-com video for “Out of Love” below.

SUMMER mixtape track list:

1. “MYOB: Or Whatever”
2. “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”
3. “Problem”
4. “Right Now”
5. “U&I”
6. “Underneath”
7. “Kid”
8. “Out For Love”

DAWN Performs for NPR’s ‘Tiny Desk’ Series

Surprise, surprise. As DAWN readies her album slayage, she takes her gifted talents to the NPR office for its Tiny Desk series.

Joined by two harmonizing vocalists and a two-man band, the New Orleans performer opened her set with “Waves,” a powerful anthem about gender equal pay.

After showing off her cocky ‘waves,’ the singer moved into “Vines (Interlude)” and “Lazarus” from her album, Redemption, released in 2016.

Before diving into “Lazarus,” DAWN commented on being labeled an “alternative R&B” artist. “I find it interesting when you’re a brown or black girl and you try to do something beyond R&B and hip-hop, it’s not always cool. They don’t get it. They think you’re trying too hard. They don’t know where to place you. I wrote this record because sometimes you’re misunderstood. You know exactly who you are, but everyone else can’t quite figure you out. I wrote this record for that person.”

DAWN recently released two new songs “Oh Lord” and “So Good.

Leon Bridges Shares Two New Versions of ‘Beyond’

Leon Bridges takes a stab at making his song “Beyond” acoustic — and nails it.

Filmed in an open studio, the crooner strips down the love ballad and effortlessly takes it to infinity and ‘beyond’ with the help of his live band.

Along with his acoustic version of “Beyond,” Bridges flips the song about old-fashioned romance again and calls this version the “Vibe Tape Mix.” And yes, issa vibe.

Bridges released the official video for “Beyond” in June. The song is lifted from his sophomore album, Good Thing.

Listen to both versions below.

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