Our 14 Favorite R&B Songs Of 2014

top rnb songs 2014

There was a lot of great R&B music that was released this year. From the real R&B divas to the male heartthrobs, the RatedRnB.com team has the break down of the sexiest, most revealing, and top R&B songs of the year 2014.

Here  are the best R&B songs of 2014, in no particular order.

 The Divas

Teyana Taylor feat. Chris Brown – “Do Not Disturb”

Teyana Taylor finally gave the world her debut album VII this year. The LP is jam-packed with perfect R&B grooves, including “Do Not Disturb.” With Brown’s assistance she easily transitions from teen R&B phenomenon to sexy singing sensation on this song.

Tiffany Evans – “Baby Don’t Go”

Welcome to the diva club, Tiffany Evans. On “Baby Don’t Go” the singer is tackling grown up relationship woes, a stark contrast from her “Promise Ring” days. Her soaring vocals makes this a must listen track going into the new year and certainly is one of the best of this year.

Jennifer Hudson- “Dangerous”

Taking a risk was the name of the game in 2014 and Jennifer Hudson certainly took a chance with her new sound and album. “Dangerous” is an amazing new sound and certainly shows Hudson’s growth on this track. Thanks for taking us to the dance floor JHud, while still giving us soul.

Keyshia Cole – “She”

“She” was produced by the hit maker of the year DJ Mustard and it reminded us we love Keyshia for her hot urban bangers. It’s a sexy and provocative track, from the usually heartbroken singer.

The Heartthrobs 

Tank – “Stronger”

“Stronger” is an epic song about finding strength from finding love. It’s one of Tank’s best records and gives us a refreshing sound from the singer. As usual Tank rises to the occasion vocally but you can’t help but feel a spiritual message in the track. Kudos for Tank for taking us all the way from the starting point to the finish line on this song.

Luke James Feat. Rick Ross – “Options”

Luke James slid into our playlists this year with his amazing self-titled album. On “Options” he keeps it gangster and soulful while asking for his lover back.

Pharrell Williams – “Lost Queen”


Pharrell Williams has arguably had his best year ever. Beyond the hit singles he threw our way he created a solid album. “Lost Queen” is one of the underrated songs on G I R L. The second half of the record is an amazing journey into an R&B oasis, just listen to it if you don’t believe it.

Trey Songz – “What’s Best For You”

With no shortage of hits this year Trey Songz reinforced his spot among the R&B elite.  “What’s Best for You,” from his number one album Trigga, makes our list because it relies on the singer’s vocals and displays the best attributes of Tremaine. While you can appreciate the crooner’s club records, it’s this one that takes the cake as his best of the year.

The Revealing Records

Beyoncé – “Ring Off”


Beyoncé got very real about the trouble in her mother and father’s divorce. The star, who’s usually very private, gave us the special gem on the Platinum Edition of her self-titled visual album that shocked the world last year. It’s a special track with breezy island influences that even samples one of her fan favorites “Love on Top.”Give it up to Queen Bey for continuing to open up to her fans through her music.

Toni Braxton – “I Wish”

Toni Braxton and Babyface’s duet album Love, Marriage, & Divorce was a special treat for fans as the two opened up about their respect love lives. Braxton doesn’t hold back on her ex-lover on “I Wish” and it sounds like a gorgeous record, although the lyrics bite. It’s a very striking track from the R&B legend.

Mary J. Blige – “Therapy”

Everyone loves a good comeback and Mary J. Blige certainly knows how to make one gracefully. The Queen of Hip Hop Soul utilized newcomers like Sam Smith to help her discover a new sound for her critically acclaimed album The London Sessions. The album’s lead single “Therapy” is one of her most honest to date exploring themes of mental health and healing.

The Chart Toppers

Chris Brown Feat. Usher & Rick Ross – “New Flame”

When two R&B superstars unite, it’s bound to be great — and “New Flame” didn’t disappoint. The song blazed the charts and allowed us the chance to see Chris Brown and Usher dance together in the music video. This track is one of the stand outs on X and the song brought out the best vocally from these two R&B giants.

Tinashe feat. SchoolBoy Q- “2 On”

In a world where it’s hard to break through as a new artist, especially as an R&B singer, Tinashe splashed on the scene with “2 On.” The silky R&B dance track rocked the airwaves and certainly kept us singing along. The smooth vocals and hot beat (thank you DJ Mustard again) combined to create one ultra hot track.

Usher – “Good Kisser”

The R&B legend ruled the charts this year with this record, and rightfully so. “Good Kisser” brought Usher back into familiar territory of traditional R&B. Live instruments were almost becoming extinct on radio, but Usher saved the day like the true superhero he is by including them on this record. The vibrant track is so good that we almost forgive him for leaving us waiting for his delayed album.

 Michael Howard is a contributor for RatedRnB.com — Follow him on Twitter at @MichaelHowardTV 

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Jacquees Drops New Single ‘Inside’ Featuring Trey Songz

Jacquees teams up with Trey Songz for his latest track “Inside.”  On the mid-tempo bedroom banger, which contains an interpolation of Usher’s hit single “Nice & Slow,” Quees and Trigga ask their respective lady to keep her legs up as they please her in every way imaginable.

“When you call up my phone like you war ready/ I’m already strapped up, girl you already know / When your legs need to go, I ain’t gon’ tell you no more,” Jacquees sings on the babymaking jam. Trigga comes in at the second verse, “Lemme remind that pussy, you know it’s mine, that pussy / Know how to find that pussy, taste sweet as wine that pussy.”

“Inside” is the follow-up to Jacquees’ platinum-selling single “B.E.D.” Both songs will appear on his long-awaited debut album, 4275, which arrives on June 15 via Cash Money Records.

Listen to “Inside” below.

Remembering Janet Jackson’s Album ‘janet’ 25 Years Later

Every legendary artist has a career-defining album; for Janet Jackson, janet is that album. Released on May 18, 1993, the album followed Rhythm Nation, a collection of songs that herald the pop icon joining the social and political conversation on the state of the world.

Although the socially conscious theme shined on Rhythm Nation, it wasn’t nearly as potent on janet. As her first album to be released on Virgin Records, the youngest Jackson sibling made some daring yet liberating choices for her new era. For starters, she dropped her surname for the album’s title to show her independence from the weight behind her family’s name. She updated her sound from industrial, and incorporated diverse genres including jazz, opera and hip-hop on many songs. She became more comfortable with her body, showing it off in the September 1993 issue of Rolling Stone. Lastly, janet highlighted her newfound confidence as a musician, taking charge of her lyrics and its accompanying production with the guidance of producing duo Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis.

Less about world news, and more messages about eroticism (but safe practices: “Be a Good Boy”) and femininity, janet. brewed a larger, yet taboo conversation that Jackson didn’t explore fully discuss until this album.

“Sex has been an important part of me for several years. But it just hasn’t blossomed publicly until now,” Jackson told Rolling Stone in 1993. “I’ve had to go through some changes and shed some old attitudes before feeling completely comfortable with my body. Listening to my new record, people intuitively understand the change in me.”

The changed resulted in her first album to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 with 350,000 copies sold in its first week. At the time, it was the highest debut sales for a woman since Nielsen Music began tracking sales in 1991.

The album spawned six top 10 singles on Billboard’s Hot 100, including two No.1 singles: “Again” and “That’s the Way Love Goes.” The latter track, the album’s lead single, earned Jackson a Grammy win for Best R&B Song.

On the 25th anniversary of janet, producer Jimmy Jam shares how he views this groundbreaking album today and how it compares to a milestone project by Marvin Gaye.

“I view [janet] as a really good album,” he exclusively tells Rated R&B. “I think the album is very reflective of where we all were in our lives at that time. We always said Rhythm Nation was our What’s Going On and janet was our Let’s Get It On album. [janet] was definitely the love album.”

Jam also shares his thoughts on Jackson being honored with her “long overdue” Icon Award at the Billboard Music Awards this Sunday.

“It’s obviously well-deserved and it’s probably a little overdue. But that’s okay,” he says. “She’s still alive to see it. And not only alive but she’s thriving. She’s about to go back on tour and show everybody’s how it’s been done. She’s had an amazing career thus far but I think she’s one of those people who’s done a lot but still has a lot more to say and do.”

Rated R&B revisited janet on its 25th anniversary and crafted a list of our top 5 songs.

1. “Any time, Any place”

Driven by a burning saxophone and deliberate finger snaps, the sensual song is fueled by lyrics of voyeurism, making it arguably the best record on this album.

2. “That’s the Way Love Goes”

Blended with hip-hop’s edge and Jackson’s flourishing sureness on intimacy and the powers of her own body, she takes us (and her love interest) to a places we’ve never been; and the trip isn’t bad either.

3. “Throb”

Bring your stamina. Over an oversexed-house beat, Jackson commands her mate to “boom, boom, boom until noon, noon, noon.”

4. “Funky Big Band”

Sampling “I’m in the Mood for Swing” by jazz giant Lionel Hampton, Jackson’s vocal improvisations are welcomed on this lively track.

5. “This Time”

“You’re dismissed,” says Janet after finally breaking it off with her ex. Now although she’s done with her lover’s drama, the song’s featured opera vocals from Kathleen Battle and accompanying production is packed with it.

Stream janet. below.

What’s your favorite track from janet? Tell us below.

15 Times Missy Elliott Brought ‘FIYAH’ To R&B Music

Let’s be clear, Missy Elliott is and will always be universally relevant in the world of music.

Misdemeanor Elliott has been an unstoppable force since establishing herself as a trailblazer for R&B and hip-hop music and its culture in the early 90s. Some people, such as myself, may say they first heard Elliott and her iconic “hee-hee-hee-hee-how” line on Gina Thompson’s hit “The Things I Do.” Others may remember Elliott’s artistic expression in a large black trash bag from her 1997 video “The Rain.”

What remains consistent with those possible introductions to Ms. Elliott is R&B has been the meeting place. For instance, the chorus on “The Rain” samples “I Can’t Stand the Rain” by ‘70s soul diva Ann Peebles. Missy Elliott not only lent her rap talents to the remix of Thompson’s lead single – she co-penned the track too, which is one of the reasons why we’re here.

For the past few months, Elliott has been on Twitter sharing memories of writing and producing R&B songs for past and present artists. Rated R&B has compiled a list of Elliott’s top 15 R&B hits that she either produced, wrote or was featured on, along with a reason why they are absolute FIYAH (as Elliott would say).

Aaliyah – “One in a Million”

Written by: Melissa “Missy” Elliott & Timothy “Timbaland” Mosley
Produced by: Timbaland

“One in a Million” is FIYAH because it helped shift the direction of R&B and way we heard it with its advanced melting pot of melody and rhythmic. From Kanye West and BJ the Chicago Kid to Jay Z and Tink, the cultural impact of this record is undeniable. The song spent six weeks at No.1 on Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay chart.

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