Jhene Aiko Takes an Emotional ‘Trip’ on Her New Album

Jhene Aiko surprises fans with an unannounced release of her sophomore album, Trip. The album is packed with 22 tracks and includes guest appearances from Brandy, Mali Music, Big Sean and Kurupt. It also features a song from TWENTY88, which is her duo with Big Sean.

Aiko takes her fans on a musical journey as she explores a mix of emotions such as love, pain, depression, and happiness.

In an interview with Billboard, Aiko revealed what she hopes her fans take away from the album.

“I hope that they really, really dive into it and just immerse themselves in it,” she said. “It is a real trip and I feel like I definitely have a lot of fans that have been following me since I was younger who are my age now or even older and they really understand the concept of why, and they’ve been through losing someone and they’ve been through relationships that have been unpredictable and they have been through these things.”

In addition to her new album, Aiko also has released an accompanying short film (can be watched below) and poetry book.

Stream Trip below.

Watch Trip (The Movie) below.

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