Melanie Fiona Shares New Single ‘Remember You’

Melanie Fiona is back! The Canadian R&B artists is ready to hop on the Next Train to success with her new single “Remember U.”

Fiona’s latest offering highlights her emotional penmanship. On the track, she reflects on a past relationship that left her brokenhearted. She belts, “I can’t, fall back in love again / You broke this simple heart / That used to beat for you my friend / And I say that you’ve got some nerve just to come back and say that you’re sorry.”

Fiona has been working on her third album Next Train, previously titled Awake, for two years. She has released several songs over that time span, including “Bite the Bullet,” “I Tried” and “I Want it All.

Next Train will release in early 2018 via Title 9 Productions/BMG.

Listen to “Remember U” below.

Antwane Folk is the editorial assistant at RatedRnB.com.

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