Exclusive: Trevor Jackson on New Album ‘Rough Drafts Pt. 1’ and Role in Film ‘Superfly’

Trevor Jackson is an open book. The entertainer just released his new album Rough Drafts Pt. 1 via Born Art/EMPIRE. The 15-track project, which Jackson wrote and recorded in his living room, is a raw look at his process of becoming a better person both professionally and personally.

Rough Drafts represents the beauty in imperfection,” Jackson explains to Rated R&B. “I feel like this day in age so many people want to be something they’re not or be something they’re not ready to be yet.”

The 21-year-old realizes all his past mistakes were necessary in his growth. “I feel like every step is essential to becoming who you’re supposed to be in this world,” he shares. “I’ve embraced that and realized all the times I made mistakes or that I’ve made wrong turns or I’ve been confused, those have always been necessary things in order to get to a better version of me.”

On top of his music, Jackson is also making major moves in film and television. The Indianapolis native currently stars in Freeform’s hit sitcom Grown-ish, a spinoff of Black-ish, which was picked up for a second season just four days its premiere. This summer he will star in the remake of Superfly as Youngblood Priest, directed by Director X.

Rated R&B caught up with Jackson at his tour stop in Washington, D.C. In our interview, he dishes on Rough Drafts, his role in the upcoming film Superfly, touring with his colleague Justine Skye and more. Watch the interview above.

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Keithan is the founder/editor-in-chief of Rated R&B

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