Exclusive: Traci Braxton Details Sophomore Album

It’s Traci Braxton season. The Maryland native recently returned with her new single “Lifeline” — and has more in store for her fans. The singer is gearing up to release her sophomore album, which will follow her 2014 LP Crash & Burn.

Although Traci comes from a family of singers, she wants to make one thing clear: she’s her own individual.

“I’m more than just a Braxton,” she unapologetically tells Rated R&B over a phone conversation. “People always think, ‘Well she’s a Braxton, so she is going to sound like Toni or sound like Tamar. No, I’m going to sound like Traci Braxton.”

Braxton exclusively reveals to Rated R&B that her second album is titled On Earth and will arrive on August 24.

“This project is more mature than the first album,” she says. “On the first album, I was just getting my feet soaked but this one is telling a story and is more personable.”

She continues, “I leaned more on the old school R&B side. I’m from that realm, so when you hear the music you’re going to be like, “Oooh Traci did some old school kind of thangs.”

Braxton also explains the inspiration behind the album title. “Being on Earth is the greatest feeling,” she says. “I don’t know anything else about other planets but I think right now it’s describing how I feel. It’s the greatest feeling on Earth having people who support you and believe in you. It’s also the greatest feeling to know you’re accomplishing dreams and aspirations that you’ve set for yourself.”

The eight-track offering will include production from Chris N Teeb (Jennifer Lopez, Danity Kane, Ciara) and David “Daveyboy” Lindsey (Monica, Traci Braxton).

A video for “Lifeline” is expected to also arrive later this month.

Keithan is the founder/editor-in-chief of Rated R&B

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