10 R&B Songs That Teach You A Life Lesson

Music is beautiful. It’s not only a form of entertainment but it’s a soundtrack that shapes our lives that helps us grow to our highest potential. There’s so much a person can learn just from listening to R&B music, whether it’s encouragement, love or even forgiveness.

There are plenty of songs that share an important lesson but I decided to only share ten.

Check out the life lesson that comes with each song below.

Raheem DeVaughn –  “Until” 

Life Lesson: Ever heard the saying, “You will never understand a person until you walk a mile their shoes?” We sometimes place a label on someone without knowing their struggles. This record teaches you not to pre-judge or point the finger at someone without experiencing those trials and tribulations.

“Until you’ve shared my tears/known my fears/in all my years/Only till then, you only know what you think you know.”

Antwane Folk is the editorial assistant at RatedRnB.com.

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