Macy Gray Ruby Album Cover

Macy Gray Unveils Cover Artwork, Track Listing for New Album, ‘Ruby’

Macy Gray will hand out a “Ruby” next month. The eclectic singer reveals the official track list and cover artwork for her tenth studio album, which is slated to arrive on September 21. The 12-song LP — with a collaboration from renowned guitarist Gary Clark Jr. — will include Gray’s sassy lead single “Sugar Daddy.”

For the vibrant cover art, Gray poses for a glamorous head shot that absorbs purples hues to compliment her melanin glow.

Ruby, co-produced by Tommy Park Lumpkins, will include additional instrumentation and creative ideas from producers Johan Carlsson and Tommy Brown. The album will serve as Gray’s follow-up to 2016’s Stripped jazz covers album.

See the eye-catching track titles for Gray’s Ruby album below.

1. “Buddha”
2. “Cold World”
3. “Over You”
4. “White Man”
5. “Tell Me”
6. “Sugar Daddy”
7. “When It Ends”
8. “Just Like Jenny”
9. “Jealousy”
10. “Shenanigans”
11. “But He Loves Me”
12. “Witness”

Antwane Folk is the editorial assistant at RatedRnB.com.

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