Louis York Livens Up ‘No Regrets’ Featuring The Shindellas

If you thought Louis York’s “No Regrets” featuring The Shindellas couldn’t get any better, guess again. The bomb duo and the vocal trinity have shared a live version and a matching video for their unapologetic track.

Taken from a Weirdo Workshop concert in Nashville, the group of talented hipsters give their shameless anthem an extra boost of confidence with live authentic vocals.

“The song is a reminder to fight all of the extreme fear, negativity, bigotry, hatred and confusion with your strongest weapon …. extreme love,” Louis York said in a joint statement.

“No Regrets” is the latest single from Louis York’s debut album, Deep Fried Veggies, slated to arrive later this year.

In other news, Louis York are working closely to perfect the sound of The Shindellas. The dynamic duo produced the trio’s debut single “Reconsider,” which premiered in late June.

Antwane Folk is the editorial assistant at RatedRnB.com.

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