Majid Jordan

Majid Jordan Drops Two New Songs: ‘All Over You’ and ‘Spirit’

Majid Jordan is back with not one but two new songs — “All Over You” and “Spirit.”

“All Over You” is a midtempo groove that finds the duo singing about being madly in love. “I catch you when you smile my way / I’ll catch you when I make you stay / Now put your hands around my neck / And I’ll show you what I want to say / My heart really needs this love / Yeah my body really needs this touch,” lead singer Majid Al Maskati croons.

On the downtempo track “Spirit,” Majid disregards critics who have something to say about his relationship. “[People] Wanna say what they wanna say / They gone let us say / We don’t give a damn what anyone thinks,” he sings. Instead, he chooses to focus on pleasing his lover in the bedroom. “Imma ride it until the brakes come off / I never put the blame on you / Baby I can ride all day / Baby I can ride your wave.”

This is Majid Jordan’s first time releasing new music since their 2017 album, The Space Between

Listen to “All Over You”

Listen to “Spirit”

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