Trevor Jackson Bares All in ‘Right Now’ Video

Trevor Jackson is truly comfortable in his skin. The R&B tender strips naked in his music video for “Right Now” off his Rough Drafts Pt. 1 album.

Directed by Jackson himself, the video depicts the biblical story of Adam and Eve. After engaging in a bloody, intimate scene, Jackson and his nude co-star hold hands before parting ways in the Garden of Eden. Jackson runs to his co-star’s aid after seeing the forbidden fruit fall from the tree.

Next Friday (June 13), Jackson will be starring in the remake of Superfly as Youngblood Priest. He talked about the upcoming role with Rated R&B in March. “The movie is basically about my character going from the top of his game in the drug world and wanting to leave and not being able to leave due to so many ties that he’s created and this life that he’s chosen,” he said. “But he’s starting to realize that the life he chose may not be the life that he wanted.”

Step in the Garden of Eden below.

Antwane Folk is the editorial assistant at RatedRnB.com.

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