Listen to Keke Palmer and Jane Handcock’s Joint Mixtape ‘Keyana Nikole’

You should always expect the unexpected when it comes to Keke Palmer. The actress and singer has just released some new music with up and coming artist Jane Handcock in a collaborative mixtape titled Keyana Nikole. Featuring production from JRD and Tasha Catour, the five-track EP is described by Handcock as “the most spontaneous project I’ve ever created.”

Keke wrote this message on her Instagram page about the mixtape:

Whether you are deployed in the army, away from home studying abroad, away filming a tv show or a movie, hell even in jail or juvi 😂 #NotFunnyButAVeryPossible thing. When you are not busy with the task at hand, you can become susceptible to culture shock, or loneliness amongst a bunch of other things. BUT, the amazing thing about down time, or undistracted alone time in an unfamiliar surrounding is you are left to ruminate on your thoughts/experiences(which can be daunting) but at your will, a great motivator to create. Writing makes me feel love, I am constantly creating because it is part of my peace. I was so happy when my girl @handcockjay came to visit me in Berlin, we both kill time the same way … thus @keyananikole was born. Everything happens for a reason 🌟

Keke has been keeping quite this busy this summer. In between filming for her new role on Epix’s thrilling series Berlin Station, she recently released the video to her single “Wind Up!” featuring rap star Quavo. She also began her “Vibe Dance Series,” which is her latest YouTube series breaking down choreography to some of the music from her discography. New episodes air every Wednesday at

For now, check out the new mixtape below on SoundCloud.

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Dondria Releases ‘Dondria Duets 4’ Mixtape

Dondria has finally ended her six-year Dondria Duets drought with the release of the fourth installment.

The nine-track mixtape includes the So So Def singer’s version of Charlie Puth’s “How Long,” Childish Gambino’s “Redbone,” Khalid’s “Location” and Bruno Mars’ “Versace on the Floor,” to name a few.

Dondria Duets: 4 is the follow-up project to The Day to the Don which was released in July 2017.

Stream Dondria Duets: 4 below.

Keke Palmer Gets ‘Bossy’ for FOX’s ‘Star’ Soundtrack

Keke palmer bossy

Kelis isn’t the only one that’s bossy; Keke Palmer is “Bossy” too on her new single.

On this trap banger, the 24-year-old triple threat sing-raps with swagger and confidence about how fine and fabulous she is.

“I’m independent got my own boo / And I can fuck some cash up if I want to / Fuck it up, body cold (frosty) / And I’m so (bossy) / Ain’t I so (saucy) / And my clothes (cost me),” she sings.

This song was written by K-So and A-Lex, who were writers on Keke’s last offering “Pregame.” Tasha Catour, who worked with her and Jane Handcock’s joint mixtape Keyana Nikole, is also credited as a writer and producer.

“Bossy” is Ms. Palmer’s first official single since the Quavo-featured “Wind Up,” and is her first contribution to the soundtrack for FOX’s Star. Keke recurs on the Lee Daniels drama as Gigi Nixon, who is a feisty label mate of the show’s protagonist characters.

Stream “Bossy” below.

Keke Palmer Gets the Party Started in ‘Pregame’ Video

Keke Palmer Pregame Music Video

Keke Palmer has just gifted us an accompanying music video for her new single “Pregame.”

On the breezy, laid-back track, the 24-year-old sets the scene for the event that always leads up to a house party, kickback, or club appearance: the pregame.

“Here we go, here we go / Set ’em up / 3 shots in a row, in a row / Pretty Gang pregame for the show / Just let me know if you wanna roll,” she sings.

In the music video, Palmer is seen finishing up a photoshoot before meeting with her girls to get ready for the night’s festivities. And a Keke Palmer visual wouldn’t be complete without fashions flairs and a choreographed routine!

This is the first taste of music we’ve gotten from Palmer since her joint mixtape with Jane Handcock back in July and her first music video since June for her previous single “Wind Up” featuring rapper Quavo.

Watch the “Pregame” music video below.

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