Brian McKnight Clears Bar Tab on New Single ’42 (Grown Up Tipsy)’

Brian McKnight holds his alcohol like a true gentleman on his latest single “42 (Grown Up Tipsy).”

On the Tim Kelley-produced joint, the crooner finds the liquid courage to be provocative with his special lady. He lets her know he doesn’t leave IOU’s because he always aims to give satisfaction guaranteed.

“Now I need what’s under that dress / Girl you got me ravin’, I’m not scared to confess / Can’t you feel my heart beatin’ from my chest,” he sings sensually to his woman.

“42 (Grown Up Tipsy)” marks McKnight’s first recording since 2017’s Genesis. The project featured singles “Forever” and “I Want You.”

McKnight plans to shoot a video for “42 (Grown Up Tipsy)” soon. As we wait for the visual to surface, hold a drink in the sky and listen to new record below.

Antwane Folk is the editorial assistant at RatedRnB.com.

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